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5 Aries Traits That Get in the Way of Marriage Happiness

Aries can give a marriage partner comfort and coziness. Or maybe not to give – everything seems to be fine, but the eyes do not glow with joy. Alas, the wonderful pet of Mars has qualities that irritate and infuriate others, and prevent him from living and feeling happy.


That’s where the real jealousy is! And don’t even think about smiling at a cute seller from a fruit stand near the house, or trying to be polite with a courteous taxi driver – the pet of Mars will not understand and destroy everyone, not understanding who said what to whom, and how they actually looked. The mechanism is running – Aries burns with jealousy. And in no case do not dress catchy, it is better to immediately wrap yourself in a blanket and, in general, stay at home away from sin – you will be safer!


Yes, Aries is jealous of you, and he (or herself) walks. Oh, just do not need insults and tears, because Aries is not to blame, he was born that way. And don’t be nervous – he will flirt and come back to you. You can change outfits and hairstyles every day. Yes, at least do daily plastic surgery – the sign of fire will still look (walk) to the left.


Complained to Aries about problems? And you wait with hope in your eyes that the ward of Mars will rush to help you? He didn’t even hear you. So try to solve all the issues yourself and do not load the fiery egoist with all sorts of nonsense.


Forget about quiet family evenings in the kitchen. Aries hates monotony and can break loose at any moment in search of adventure. And get ready for the fact that Aries’ friends will come to your house at night – the clubs have closed, but people need to continue their fun conversation somewhere.


Aries spent the money you were saving for a car? And why are you swearing – the sign of Fire invested them in business and accidentally ran into scammers. Collectors came to you and want to take away the apartment? Do not grumble at the ward of Mars, he didn’t know that you can’t mortgage housing.


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