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4 Zodiacs Most Likely To Get Their Hopes Up Over The Wrong Person

Some zodiacs hope that every single person they date is the one. They have high hopes that their current relationship is going to be the one that lasts a lifetime. Even if there are some red flags along the way, they will miss them because they are so focused on making this connection work, on living out their happily ever after.  Here are the zodiacs who are the most likely to get their hopes up over the wrong person:


Libra, you’re a romantic so you assume that everyone you fall for is your true soulmate. You have high hopes for them because you’re an optimist. It doesn’t matter how many times you have been hurt before because you’re always able to find the strength to love again. You might get your hopes up over the wrong person because you believe people have the potential to change. You believe that they can grow and change over time. Even though you might spot red flags, you have a tendency to ignore them in the hopes that this other person will put in the effort to better themselves.


You’re an intelligent sign. It’s not that you can’t tell when someone is bad for you. You are well aware. Even though you might spot red flags during the early stages of the relationship, you have convinced yourself that you can ‘fix’ this person. You think that you can help guide them toward a brighter future. Although your willingness to help others is admirable, you need to remember that you can’t control anyone other than yourself. You can’t force them to change, even if you think you know what is best for them. They won’t automatically listen to you. They might not even want to change. They might like themselves exactly the way they are, so you can’t bet on them changing for you.


You are a passionate sign, so you have the tendency to fall hard and fast. You are likely to get your hopes up over the wrong person because you are paying more attention to how they’re making you feel in the moment than how compatible you are in the long-run. Although there’s nothing wrong with having fun in a relationship that isn’t built to last, you are the type of person who is looking for a real commitment. You want someone who is going to stick with you through thick and thin. Unfortunately, you might end up getting your hopes up over the wrong person because you assume they’re as loyal and straightforward as you when that might not be the case. When they might simply be saying what you want to hear.


You are an optimist who sees the best in everyone that you meet. You might get your hopes up over the wrong person because you see their inner and outer beauty from the start. You see their value as an individual and as one half of a couple. Since you are able to spot their potential, you are bound to get excited over what your relationship could grow into over time. But you don’t want to pay so much attention to who they could be that you ignore who they currently are. It doesn’t matter how much potential they have if they aren’t interested in reaching it. You need to ask yourself whether they’re meeting your standards today, not whether they have the potential to reach those standards tomorrow.


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