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4 Zodiacs Who Are Getting A Wake Up Call This Week


Capricorn comes to the conclusion that “it’s not me, it’s definitely you” this week, and the wake up call is more liberating than they ever imagined. There’s nothing sweeter than a Capricorn who is always wondering what they could do better or differently to be accepted or liked by someone. They are always willing to take responsibility for where they are lacking, but this week they put their hands up in the air and stop trying to make something happen that’s never going to. It’s not for lack of effort on their part—they have tried and tried and tried again to no avail. Sometimes the best thing we can do is walk away when it’s time to call it quits. Capricorn takes back their confidence, knowing for certain this time it wasn’t their fault.


Libra deals with the harsh reality that if they don’t care about something themselves, they can’t expect anyone else to either. So whatever project they’ve been half-assing because they are too afraid to give it their all and fail, their wake up call this week is to kick it into gear. Dress for the job you want, wake up for the life you want to live, take pride in the work you do or don’t do it at all. There is no shame in trying. In drinking your own kool-aid and expressing the enthusiasm you’ve been trying to down play, bottle up, or simply ignore. If you don’t try now, you will end up regretting it more than you ever would failing.


Leo’s wake up call this week is a loud and clear “What are you doing with your life?” Everything has been fun and games, because that’s what you’re sought out for. You’re the life of the party, the one everyone wants to be around, and it’s a struggle to manage your social calendar because the engagements just keep piling up one after another. But at some point, you look at it all and wonder what you have to show for it. Sure, amongst all that mingling, a few cherished relationships have formed, but you’re starting to wonder if there should be more to life. If you need a little more structure, a clearer goal, a plan that is more concrete. Your truest self knows the answer already. What Magic Gift Was Given To You According To Your Birth Date?


Taurus’ wake up call is luxurious as room service arriving with breakfast in bed. The fruit of your labors is finally here, and all you have to do is enjoy it. You will be caught off guard by how quickly this day has arrived, but don’t let your disbelief get in the way of your celebration. You have earned this, and there is no time for imposter syndrome. Get up out of bed, smell the coffee, and soak in the feeling of true accomplishment. Your worries are behind you; everything has truly gone off without a hitch. This is your time

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