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Horoscope: These Two Signs Could Meet Love In April

Flirt, romance, and a fiery statement.

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The sentimental life of these two astrological signs is about to take a most exciting turn. For them, April will either be hot or it won’t be.

Everything is accelerating in the sky. The arrival of April 2024 formalizes the return of summer. It’s now or never to give in to passion and let your heart race. Divine idyll, ardent romance, burning desire. Venus, the planet of love, is currently in the constellation Leo to promise us an extremely hot month. While some are taking stock of their relationship, other astrological signs are embarking on new adventures with both feet. We flirt, we fall in love and we start together. Who would have thought that these singles could (finally) find love? Heaven, sure. Here are the two astrological signs that could fall in love in April 2024.

The Sentimental Life Of This Sign Takes A New Turn

Renowned for never being in place, Aquarius is one of those signs that are not really faithful. He values ​​his freedom so much that it is sometimes difficult for him to imagine himself as a couple. Well, that was before! This summer, Aquarius questions his life. He reviews the meaning of his priorities, tries to live something else, to do things differently. On the heart side, everything is accelerating. See people, discuss, exchange. Aquarius reconnects with the pleasure of seeing their network expand. New people join his close circle. Inevitably, the month of April could be the scene of a beautiful encounter.

Venus (love) increases her charisma tenfold. Uranus sharpens its attraction for novelty. It arouses his curiosity. The situation is ideal to stimulate a renewal in his sentimental life. Aquarius, the lucky sign of the month, therefore has all the cards in hand to make desire rhyme with pleasure and summer with romance. More than the simple idea of ​​seducing, there is the desire to build. For the last Air sign of the zodiac, everything is accelerating. He who likes to hypnotize his conquests with his rebellious spirit could find his heart in love, and this, without even realizing it.

This Sign Could Finally Materialize With His Crush

He is neither the talkative type nor the type to make the first move. Taurus may be tender and romantic, but they are nonetheless shy. Fortunately, the planets come to his aid. They invite him to take the plunge and say out loud what his heart thinks in secret. Jupiter in his sky restores his confidence. The arrival of Mars in Virgo (a friendly sign) boosts his confidence. The planet of ambition pushes him to take action. Taurus wants concrete. Result: in April, he takes his courage in both hands and goes straight for love.

“You will tell each other how much you mean to each other”, we already said in the summer horoscope. The situation is changing, a meeting is about to change everything. Heading for romance. Be careful though. Astrologer Shana Lyès warns: “Your new relationship will be put to the test with Venus, the planet of love, which retrogrades from April 23 until April 4 and will confront your relationship fears. If you overcome this, your new romance will endure. Better to keep a cool head at the risk of being disappointed.


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