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4 Zodiacs Who Need A Serious Wakeup Call This June

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It’d be lovely if all of us had our shit together. We all know what we’re doing with our lives and are doing all the right things to get there. And yet, we’re messy, we’re human, and we don’t always do the right thing. Some of us might be struggling a little more than others this June. Maybe we need a huge wakeup call to finally start making changes for the better. If you’re one of these four zodiac signs, here’s your wakeup call from the universe.

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You’re impulsive, and we love you for it. It’s what makes you such an Aries. Combine that with your impatience and you’ve created a cocktail of wild decisions and unique adventures. While things tend to work themselves out in the end, there are definite downsides to your Aries brand impulsiveness. For one thing, you’re often alienating the people around you who don’t quite think like you do. And you’re getting yourself in trouble more often than not. This June, just take a deep breath and pause. Practice mindfulness, because if you keep spinning like a top, you’ll get out of control.

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You’re a hard worker, which is great, but the problem comes in with your perfectionism. You have a vision of how everything needs to get done, and you would rather do it all yourself than have to gripe at someone for doing it wrong. Unfortunately, when you take on everything yourself for so long, everyone else gets comfortable knowing that they don’t have to do anything. This month, you’re very close to feeling resentful of the people who benefit off your work without even thanking you. Here’s your wakeup call: You have the power to change this, starting with telling people that you need their help and appreciation. If you silently stew, nothing will ever change.

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What are you running from, Sagittarius? While it’s true that you like adventure for adventure’s sake, it seems like there might be something else motivating you to get as far away from everyone as possible. You’re not really the type to examine your motives for things. You just want to have fun and do interesting things, right? This month, stop and actually think about how you feel. Not just about yourself and your life, but about the people you surround yourself with (or are avoiding). It might be scary to delve deeply into your desires and fears but babe, you need to.

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While you’re keeping your head down, working on projects or your hobbies, there are people in your life that might be feeling neglected. You may not need a ton of social interaction to feel happy, but that’s not the case for everyone. Some people might feel like your lack of daily or weekly conversations or displayed emotions means you don’t care about them. Even if it feels annoying to have to “prove” to your loved ones that you love them, some people just need more than others–and that doesn’t make them less-than. If you want to keep these people in your life, show them you care this month. If you wait too long, there might not be anyone left.

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