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When A Gemini Woman Is Done With You, This Is How She Acts

An air sign, a mutable sign ruled by Mercury. The greatest communicator in the entire horoscope, the funniest sign of them all. A passionate, outgoing, and highly intelligent woman. Yes, you guessed right, I’m talking about the Gemini female.

You might know her personality traits, but I bet you have no idea how she acts in romantic relationships, especially when she wants to end one.

When a Gemini woman is done with you, it means she’s hit her limit. She’s probably spent ages trying to make you change, but nothing worked. And now, instead of breaking up with you, she’s sending you subtle signs that you two are over.

When A Gemini Woman Is Done With You, She Does These 14 Things:

She won’t break up with you right away. Here’s what she’ll do instead:

1. No more undivided attention

When a Gemini woman falls in love with you, you become the center of her world. No, she won’t suddenly become all needy or possessive, but she will definitely make you her priority. She will listen to every word that comes out of your mouth carefully.

Well, when she falls out of love with you, all of that changes. Whether you like to admit it or not, the truth is that this woman has stopped giving you her undivided attention.

You see it in the way she looks at you – she couldn’t care less about what you’re talking about. She used to look at you as if you were the only man in the world. But now, it’s like she’s looking right through you.

Everything else and everyone else is more interesting than you. You’ve become her second choice and lost the place you had in this woman’s life.

2. No more compassion

Women belonging to this Sun sign have incredible empathic skills. They’re compassionate toward literally everyone who crosses their path, let alone the people they care about.

When a Gemini female is in love with you, she’ll be understanding about everything happening in your life. You lost your third job in a row?

No worries – she’s there to hold your hand, help you out financially, and help you find a new job.

This is how she acts when she is head over heels for a man.

However, when she wants to break up with you, that compassion is gone. She doesn’t give a damn about your problems, and she couldn’t care less about how you feel.

No, she won’t start hating you overnight. Instead, she’ll do something way worse – she’ll become completely indifferent. There will be no trace of the emphatic woman you knew in the beginning.

3. You feel emotionally neglected

When you first start seeing these subtle signs that a twin has fallen out of love with you, you’ll think that you’re imagining things and that it’s not a big deal. Maybe it’s just a phase, and you expect her to return to her old ways in no time.

However, things have only been getting worse and worse. Consequently, you start feeling emotionally neglected. You no longer feel loved, needed, and wanted.

She hasn’t told you that she wants to break up with you. However, she acts like she couldn’t care less if you’re in her life or not. If you walked out on her at this very moment, it feels like she wouldn’t blink an eye, let alone do anything to stop you.

Of course, you’ve tried talking to her about this. She tells you that you’re overreacting and things aren’t the way they seem.

But at the same time, she’s not doing anything to convince you that she still loves you. This is exactly the indifference we talked about.

4. She shows no interest in your life

When a Gemini woman is done with you, she stops remembering little things about you or your relationship. We’re talking about a woman who knew every detail of your life. And now, she even has trouble remembering your birthday or your relationship’s anniversary.

You try talking to her, but she simply doesn’t listen. She no longer knows the name of your coworkers, doesn’t care about the issues you’re going through, and doesn’t even think about spending time with your friends and family.

You two haven’t officially broken up, but it seems as if this woman successfully wiped you away from her memory. Yes, she is physically present in your life, but she treats you like a stranger she knows nothing about.

5. No trace of jealousy

Even when she is crazy in love with you, a Gemini woman rarely shows her jealous side. But if you know anyone who belongs to the Gemini zodiac sign, you know very well that they’re actually quite jealous and possessive.

When a Gemini woman is done with you, she doesn’t care if you’re falling in love with another woman, having an emotional affair, or physically cheating on her. In fact, you could be flirting with someone else right in front of her nose, and she wouldn’t pay attention to it at all.

You might think that this change of behavior came about because your relationship is strong and serious. She has no doubts about your feelings anymore, and she has no need to be jealous.

Well, let me tell you something: a woman like her will always have an eye on a man she is in love with. Therefore, no jealousy means no love in the case of this air sign.

6. You catch her lying

If you are familiar with Gemini personality traits, you know that people belonging to this Sun sign are always honest. No matter how harsh the truth is, a Gemini woman likes it more than a white lie. And she treats her loved ones accordingly: she never lies, even if lying would make things easier for her.

However, when a Gemini woman is done with you, you will catch her lying. And it will happen more than once.

When you come to think about it, it all started with seemingly little things. For example, she told you that she was too busy to hang out that day, and later, it slipped out that she actually stayed at home and watched Netflix all night.

Or maybe she rescheduled your date with an excuse that she had to work late. But when you checked out her social media, you saw that she was actually having a blast with her friends.

Is it worse that she is lying or that she isn’t even trying to cover up her lies? It looks like she wants you to catch her, so you realize that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you.

7. She is tired of fighting

Most men are tired of their women constantly nagging them. You’re sick and tired of your woman writing essay-long text messages, threatening to leave (but never doing anything about it), yelling at you, complaining about everything you do, criticizing every move you make… But trust me, if she is acting like this, it’s a surefire sign she still loves you.

Basically, every woman is the same when it comes to this – the Pisces woman, Cancer woman, Libra woman, Virgo woman… and of course, the Gemini woman.

But what happens when a Gemini girl stops fighting with you? I know what you must think: she’s finally come to her senses, and she realized that her nagging annoys the hell out of you.

Well, think again. When a Gemini woman is done with you, she’ll have no energy to argue. In fact, she’ll think of it as a waste of time.

No future together

She clearly doesn’t see a future with you and doesn’t think of you as her soulmate. So, what’s the point of asking you to change? What’s the point in talking about her demands?

You see, this girl has made up her mind. Even if you finally decide to listen to everything she was saying all of this time, her decision will remain the same.

8. … or she picks fights all the time

On the other hand, there are also Gemini women who constantly pick fights when they plan to get out of a relationship. I bet that now you’re confused and don’t know what to think.

Well, there is a difference between the way she argues with you now and the way she argued when she still loved you. This woman will no longer fight over crucial things. She won’t nag about your behavior, and she won’t beg you to change.

In fact, she’ll show zero emotions when she argues with you. The only feeling you might notice is anger, nothing else. You won’t see her bursting into tears while trying to make a point, nor will you make things right just by kissing or hugging her.

This woman is annoyed by everything you say or do. Remember those little quirks she used to find incredibly cute? Well, those are the things that get on her nerves the most now.

9. She gives you a reason to doubt her fidelity

Will a Gemini girl cheat on you? The answer is actually pretty simple: she will never lay eyes on another man if she is in love with her man.

But the moment she stops loving her significant other, she will go on the hunt for other men – this kind of behavior is in her blood.

I’m not saying that a Gemini woman will cheat on you before your relationship ends officially. However, she will definitely give you a reason to doubt her fidelity.

Some Gemini females will flirt with other dudes, even in your presence. You have to understand that this girl has lost all respect for you, together with the love she felt for you.

And let’s not forget the loss of compassion we talked about. She doesn’t care if she puts you through heartbreak or what you might think of her after seeing her talking to another guy.

You also might find her profile on different dating sites. She’s using social media to meet new guys or maybe just to talk to him because she is clearly bored in your relationship.

When will she actually break up with you? When she really falls for another guy – until then, she is only messing around.

10. She keeps on pointing out your flaws

Nothing you ever do is good enough for this girl. You can give her the world in the palm of your hand, but that won’t please her.

You are throwing her romantic surprises, buying her expensive gifts, and taking her out to fancy dinners, but it seems like she’s not happy with any of these things.

Well, it looks like you’re doing it all too late. While she begged you to pay attention to her, you had other, more important things on your mind. And now, when you see that you’re losing her, all of a sudden, you want to become the man she begged you to be all this time.

Instead of being knocked off her feet by all of your efforts, she keeps pointing out your negative traits. If this isn’t a clear sign that this woman is about to break up with you, I don’t know what is.

11. She doesn’t initiate contact

When a Gemini woman is done with you, there is no longer any room for you in her life. She doesn’t call you, and she doesn’t ask to hang out.

There is no good morning or good night text.

In fact, it seems like you wouldn’t hear from her at all if you didn’t text or call her first.

She wasn’t like that in the beginning. She wanted to spend every moment of her spare time with you. Even if she was busy and had a lot going on, she would always find the energy to talk to you and see you.

But now, everything’s changed. Even when you ask her to hang out, she always has something better to do. She tells you that she’s already made plans or that she’s simply not in the mood to go out.

This girl has no need to see you or to be close to you. And that’s a clear sign she doesn’t want you in her life anymore.

12. No communication

Normally, Geminis are the biggest talkers of the entire horoscope. Amazing communication skills are one of their most prominent personality traits. I mean, we’re talking about extroverted social butterflies who use every chance they get to start a conversation.

However, when a Gemini woman is done with you, she reduces your communication to a bare minimum. Don’t worry, she knows it’s the key to a healthy relationship. But she simply doesn’t care.

Even when you try to talk your problems out, you hit a wall. She refuses to let you in and open up.

When you start talking about your problems, she ignores you completely. When you try to argue and resolve your issues, she gives you the silent treatment.

If this sounds familiar, it’s a clear sign that this woman is tired. She probably spent months or even years trying to tell you what the problem was, but you never listened. And now it’s too late to do the talking.

13. Emotional detachment

You want to know what this girl’s biggest flex is? When a typical woman breaks up with you, this is when she starts to move on from your relationship. This is when her healing process begins, and this is when the struggle to get over you starts.

But you already know that a Gemini girl is no typical woman. You see, she has the power to get over you while still being in a relationship with you. How crazy is that?

The thing is that she became emotionally detached a while ago. She crossed you off from her heart, and there is nothing much you can do about it.

But you will definitely will this. You will feel that she no longer loves you. And the worst part is that she doesn’t even pretend she still has feelings for you – she lets you suffer in silence.

14. She is bored in your relationship

Everything is more interesting and fun than spending time with you. When a Gemini woman is done with you, she won’t try hard to hide it.

Instead, she’ll make it very clear that you can’t make her laugh anymore and that she isn’t enjoying being with you.

Basically, you can act like a circus monkey, but she will still show you how bored she is. On the other hand, she’ll enjoy spending time with anyone but you.

If you catch her laughing out loud at a joke her male friend or coworker made, you’ve lost her forever. She’s actually likely falling in love with him, but she is still unaware of that.

How Does A Gemini End A Relationship?

A Gemini’s favorite way of breaking up with someone is not doing it. Instead, they’ll manipulate you into leaving them.

Even though they’re excellent communicators, they actually don’t enjoy the conflict a break-up brings with it and, therefore, will try to avoid it at all costs.

However, if they don’t succeed in turning the tables and making you break up with them, they’ll send you a break-up text or even write you a letter. Since this is Gemini we’re talking about, you can expect a long letter where they explain all the reasons they’re leaving you. They’ll even describe your entire relationship in this essay.

The craziest part about all of this is that you can never get mad at a Gemini, even when they dump you. Don’t forget that they’re incredibly charming, so they’ll do this with loads of charm as well.

How Does A Gemini Woman Act After A Breakup?

Even if she’s going through a massive heartbreak, she’ll never show it to the world, let alone the man who hurt her feelings. Instead, she’ll probably make a joke about her breakup.

She’ll go around telling her friends what an idiot she was. She’ll make fun of herself for believing in this man’s lies and giving him a chance to break her heart.

However, this is just a facade, a way for her to keep her pain to herself and hide her vulnerable side. Things will be much different on the inside.

Don’t forget that Geminis are overthinkers. Therefore, she’ll spend weeks or even months replaying her entire relationship back and forth, trying to figure out where things went wrong.

She might get back into the dating pool soon, but she’ll need a significant amount of time to actually fall in love again.

How Do You Know If A Gemini Woman Doesn’t Like You?

When a Gemini woman isn’t interested in you, she makes it very clear. Don’t expect her to play hot and cold mind games because she’ll show zero interest.

She doesn’t listen to what you have to say, she doesn’t put effort into getting to know you, and she doesn’t make you part of her life. You can’t make her laugh, and she isn’t interested in even arguing with you.

Basically, she’ll ignore you and pretend that you don’t exist. I’m not saying that she will be rude, but the moment she sees that you’re misinterpreting her friendly behavior, you’re out.

This is something you should definitely appreciate in a Gemini woman. I mean, at least you always know where you stand with her!

Gemini Compatibility:

Who is the best match for a Gemini girl? And who is she not compatible with?

Compatible with: Libra man, Aquarius male, Aries man, Leo man, Taurus man, Sagittarius male, Gemini man

Not compatible with: Cancer man, Virgo male, Scorpio man, Capricorn male, Pisces male

To Wrap Up:

Is there anything you can do when a Gemini woman is done with you? I’ll be honest with you: hardly anything. I’m sorry, but she’s made up her mind, so there is no use in trying to win her back.

In this situation, it would be best for you to pick up the broken pieces of your dignity and leave this woman be. Trust me – she’ll respect you more that way.

Just don’t forget one thing: knowing someone’s Sun sign is not enough to be familiar with their personality traits. There are tons of other things you have to know about a woman’s horoscope sign, such as her Venus or moon sign, in order to precisely predict her behavior.

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