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Love Horoscope April 1-7. Taurus Must Be More Understanding

Find out what the stars are preparing for you this week on a sentimental level and see how to attract luck to your side!


A relationship is an important part of life and things become extraordinary when that special someone proposes to you or confesses that they want to have a romantic relationship with you.

This week is about love. If you are married, you will receive good news. It could be a child or a house. There will be new adventures that you and your loved one will embark on.

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If you are in a long-term relationship, you will spend more time with your loved one and there will be many moments that will bring you closer to him/her.


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You may experience a bit of tension in love this week. There may be misunderstandings or disagreements, so it is essential to communicate openly and honestly to resolve any conflict.

Be patient and understanding and avoid being defensive or argumentative.

If you’re single, it’s a good time to focus on self-care rather than frantically looking for a relationship. Start with yourself and focus on your own goals and the right person will come along when the time is right.


A new relationship is on the cards this week.

You will feel very attractive and successful when it comes to the opposite sex.

If you are involved in a serious relationship, it gives you everything you need for peace and balance.

If you’re alone, try not to hide behind a bush when someone is giving you the thumbs up. It is important to let love into your life, even if you have had disappointments in the past.

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You will have a lot of love and affection this week, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fights at all.

It is possible that your life partner no longer accepts certain things that you do, and small disputes start from here.

In order to have peace, compromises are needed on the part of both, but one must never be submissive and the other must decide everything.

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This week you will experience numerous emotional challenges. It seems that your life partner no longer agrees with you on a certain point, and this is driving you crazy.

On the other hand, someone spoils the plans you made with your loved one, and hence again small quarrels.

Fortunately, the atmosphere returns to normal on Friday, when harmony and peace settle in your home.

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This week will be a quiet one for you on a sentimental level. Nothing heralds any major change.

If you are involved in a serious relationship, then you will most likely receive an invitation to a place you have always wanted to go.

If you are single, the chances of meeting someone these days are quite low. If you are single, there won’t be any big changes for you, but you also don’t want anything to change for the moment in your life. You are satisfied with what you live and what you have.

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Life is full of surprises and you will enjoy some of these surprises this week.The person next to you may want something more from your relationship, which means they will either propose to you or want a child with you.

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You are a person who loves with all her heart.

This week, make a little more time just for you and your life partner. You’ve been neglecting each other lately, which means you risk drifting apart if you don’t take action.

If you are single, you need to start focusing on self-love.

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If you are single, this week you will feel much better than last week. You’ve come to terms with the idea that you can’t have someone in charge and thus become more self-aware and happier.

You don’t need anyone to be happy, that’s what the stars advise you to never forget.

More confidence in yourself will attract new people into your life. If you don’t let go of the past, it will only cause more disagreements. Aquarius If you are involved in a relationship, your life partner is going through a lot right now. Whatever you do, don’t judge your partner. The atmosphere of this week will be good for some, and bad for others, but overall, you can make the best of it.

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Dwelling on past arguments won’t do you any good. Stop digging up the dead and enjoy the relationship you have for what it is, with good and bad. If you are single, you will meet someone interesting through a friend.

No relationship is perfect and you must always remember why you fell in love with the person who is now next to you. Don’t try to change it!

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If you are single, there is no chance of getting involved in a serious relationship this week. However, don’t lose hope, keep an open mind and do your best to find someone who completes you.

If you have someone, it might put a strain on your relationship. Under these conditions, stress will be at home in your life.

Try to relax and enjoy the present as much as possible.

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