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4 Zodiacs Ready To Make A Commitment To Someone In February


Aries, you’re ready to put yourself in the most vulnerable position, to call it quits at reconnaissance, at trying to gauge how invested the other person is and just put your cards on the table. This is the happiest you’ve been in a long time, and there is no point in hiding it anymore. You never back down from a fight, but there’s never going to be a winner when you’re just fighting against yourself. This month you’re finally going to shift your mindset. You’ll see that being true to yourself and your feelings isn’t going to put you at a disadvantage. You have every opportunity for these feelings to be reciprocated, and the worst thing that could happen is that they aren’t, or they are but it doesn’t work out. And that is totally okay. You’ll walk away from the experience knowing you are capable of loving to your fullest potential, of giving without asking anything in return. The right partner will need that from you to initiate and maintain a solid relationship. So let go of the fear and just give this a try. The best thing that could happen is so much better than you could ever imagine. 


Taurus, you’re ready to stop comparing your relationship to everyone around you. It can be hard to put yourself out there when you are surrounded by breakups and betrayals. It’s hard to really let your happiness shine when others close to you are hurting, but you can’t let this opportunity pass you by. Your partner has demonstrated that they can be trusted, and you can’t punish them for someone else’s shortcomings. You can’t hide them from the world like something to be ashamed of, because you think it’s not the right time to ask people to be happy for you. You’re going to learn how to focus on the two of you. Your needs. Your wants. Your achievements and milestones. It’s neither of your responsibilities to hide or diminish that you are thriving together to spare the world’s feelings. At the end of the day, it’s just a realignment of priorities. When your partner is number one, what others think or have to say just doesn’t come before the two of you. Commitment is drawing that clear line in the sand and protecting it from being crossed.


You’ve come so far, Libra, through your own focus and dedication. Through the intentions you set for yourself and the plans you devised to reach each set of goals. You’ve had to commit so entirely to yourself, there hasn’t been time for a partner until now. You’ll see there isn’t just one way to arrive at the destination you have your sights on. Not every path in life is a single lane highway—the next leg of your journey may be meant for a carpool. The right person won’t need you to slow down, to give up any of your dreams, to shine less brightly, but they will come with their own goals and aspirations. Commitment will involve the two of you figuring out how it all fits together. Building a life that looks like a road trip with many stops along the way, it’s up to the two of you to fit in the things that enrich and fulfill you both. How you each make space to fit the other’s lives, not containing the other within yourself, but in the same orbit. A little feng shui that allows you both to move through life hand in hand. Repotting you both in a bigger container so you can keep growing while your roots slowly intertwine.


You’re going to find a selfish vein, Aquarius. The one that lets you put your relationship before saving the world. That lets you pause and focus on the needs of the person you love before the many things the rest of the world is asking you for, or even the problems you feel responsible for because you perceive them so acutely. Your commitment is going to be a decision to put your own oxygen mask on before anyone else’s. The truth is that the more you give to this relationship, the more you get back, and it’s okay to fully enjoy and embrace what’s nurturing you. If anything, the support you’re receiving is going to give you a more solid base from which to continue doing the good you do in the world. Having that person to bounce things off of, to unload on after a bad day, is going to give you a way to start each morning with a fresh mindset, with recharged batteries and a clean slate. When you’re honest with yourself, you’ll see that you would regret putting this relationship on the back burner to keep juggling and prioritizing obligations. That developing deep personal connection is the thing you need to keep going.

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