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How Each Zodiac Sends Mixed Signals In 2024


They like all your photos and watch all your stories but ignore your text messages.


They keep promising to hang out with you and see you soon but they never pick an actual place and time.


They compliment you and act obsessed with you one day – then drop off the face of the planet the next day.


They claim they don’t want a serious relationship with you but keep opening up about their hopes, fears, and dreams to you.


They ignore you when you send the first text, but they want to talk for hours and hours when it’s convenient for them.


They claim they’re too busy to hang out with you one-on-one but flirt with you whenever they run into you in group settings.


They are physically affectionate by hugging and holding hands with you, but they never bring up the topic of a relationship with you.


They act jealous whenever they see you with other people, then they go off and flirt with others themselves.


They run to you whenever they need to be comforted, but they don’t want to hear about your problems when you’re the one struggling.


They comment on how gorgeous you look online, but they never take the conversation offline.


They ignore you when they’re sober and busy with their regular schedule, then text you when they’re drunk.


They flirt with you and treat you like you’re special, but they post pictures with other people they flirt with too.

How Each Zodiac Sends Mixed Signals In 2024

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