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These 2 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Receive The Most Intense Blessings On November 11th

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It’s time to buckle up for a whimsical season of renewal and prosperity!

While transformation has been coursing through our atmosphere for the last few weeks, there is more to look forward to on the cosmic front, because on November 11th Jupiter is cazimi — which means that the planet, known for delightful strokes of luck and serendipitous good fortune, is teaming up with the sun. This is one of the most wondrous alignments we have the privilege of experiencing in the stars, because whenever the sun unites powers with a planet, it’s a really special moment in time, and a rare start to a new, enduring cycle in the sky. Essentially, the sun acts as a fiery spark to a planet’s impact on the world, igniting an even more powerful influence — so in this case, we can all expect an extra dose of magic around November 11 because Jupiter is known to dazzle us with unyielding prosperity and sparkling blessings.

While all signs will be deeply influenced by such a phenomenon, Pisces and Sagittarius will reap the most rewards from this powerhouse team. This is because Jupiter is the planetary ruler for both zodiacs, favoring them a little more than most during this delicious transit.

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This transit is urging you to add a little more play into your life, and because you’re already known for being entertaining, lively and idealistic, this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Once you favor these innermost qualities of yours and let them run free, you’ll start to feel like you’re evolving and leaning into a sweeter, happier version of yourself. This is all due to the fact that this cazimi is digging its heels into your fifth house of pleasure and joy, encouraging you to fully embrace your hedonism and turn your attention towards socializing, intimacy and leisure. This will ultimately help you to feel energized and motivated in all aspects of your existence, so take advantage of this nudge towards contentment — you’re practically being forced to let loose.

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You are being hit in the biggest, juiciest way when this cazimi enters your atmosphere, but its influence may surprise you as its leaning into something more external than spiritual, which is a wheelhouse you aren’t often accustomed to as a watery, internal creature. When the sun and Jupiter dance throughout Aries, this will shine an incredible amount of light into your second house, which rules your values and your possessions. During this cosmic season, you could therefore receive a lot of financial blessings, like a winning lottery ticket or perhaps a bonus that wasn’t on your radar. Whatever it may be, an influx of resources will crash into your world, helping you to add a little more prosperity into your life right now. Make sure to have a little fun with it, too, Pisces. You deserve to bring those dreams into reality, and you will finally have the means to do so after November 11th.

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These 2 Zodiac Signs Are Going To Receive The Most Intense Blessings On November 11th

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