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How Each Zodiac Can Make The Most Of 11/11–The Luckiest Day Of The Year

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Do you make a wish any time you glance at the clock and see 11:11 flashing back at you? These angel numbers are a sign that something good’s about to happen. It isn’t just the clock, though. November 11, 2023 is set to be a spectacular day, one filled with luck and good fortune for anyone who reaches for it. So how should you make the best out of 11/11/2023–the luckiest day of the year? Read on for ideas for each zodiac sign.

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While you’re great at making things happen, you sometimes go head-long into projects or adventures without doing any planning. In the lead-up to 11/11, make a little plan for how you want your day to go. Plan out your madcap adventure to give it more power through manifestation.

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Keep yourself open for 11/11. You’re usually pretty stubborn and set in your ways, which is your biggest stumbling block holding you back from this well of luck. Rather than being ready with a “no,” try saying yes to things. It might just take you to some unexpected and awesome places.

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Normally you let your social butterfly vibes guide your whole friend group. For 11/11, go along with plans set for you by others and quiet the little voice in your head that’s telling you to take over. Your friends might just surprise you. And if they aren’t making plans, float the idea of hanging out and then step back and watch what happens.

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To up your chance for luck on 11/11, try to live in the moment rather than thinking about the past. You’ll find that when you live for the present, you do more to make right now the best it can be. And if you’re looking behind you, you might not notice an opportunity for good luck that’s standing right in front of you.

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It’s time to look outside yourself, Leo. Help a stranger, congratulate a friend on their win. It might feel counterproductive to ignore yourself on a day that’s supposed to be lucky for you, but think of it as spreading the luck you already have to others. You don’t know what good things you might get back.

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Take a break, cut yourself some slack, let go of the reins. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been feeling super overextended lately. So just take it easy and go with the flow. I know that doesn’t come naturally to you, but you can’t add “get luck” to your to-do list. That’s not how this works. Just let it happen, and it will.

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Go solo for 11/11. Rather than always surrounding yourself with your chosen family of amazing friends, go somewhere by yourself. Even if it’s just sitting in a coffee shop reading your favorite book and sipping on a PSL. Without the barrier of your circle of friends, luck will find you easily.

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Be open on 11/11. While you love to keep so much of yourself private, being vulnerable is a great way to build deeper relationships. If you feel compelled to keep a secret on this, go against that urge and be open instead. Something good could happen on this powerful day if you do.

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Your assignment for 11/11 is to boost someone up. Forget about yourself for today and give accolades to amazing coworkers or text a friend to tell her how amazing she is. Keep your heart open and the positive vibes you’re spreading will come back to you 11-fold.

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Let a trusted friend tell you what to do for today. Rather than being the know-it-all that knows what’s best for everyone else, let them take the reins today. Whatever your friend texts you to do, do it, even if it seems silly. You’ll find your luck outside of your comfort zone for 11/11.

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Ask your most important person what they want to do today. You’re sometimes accused of not caring about the people around you, so show them that’s not true. Do all their favorite things and you’ll realize that there’s value in stepping out of your very narrow view of what is “fun.”

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Unlike some of the other signs on this list, you’re not one to focus too much on yourself. Instead, you worry so much about other people in your life that you let your own wants and needs fall by the wayside. For 11/11, be selfish. Do what you want to do. Tailor the day to your comfort and interests. It’s okay to be selfish for a day, I promise.

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