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Which Zodiac Signs Complain The Most?

They complain in the morning, they complain at noon and legend even has it that they complain at night. Listening to them, nothing ever goes right.

“Oh no, the check is too heavy…” laments the lottery winner in Alain Chabat’s animated series “Have You Already Seen”. You probably know these kinds of people and maybe even you are one of them. Proudly or not. If Aries are not the type to complain but to act immediately and Capricorns would rather die than say that something is wrong, some signs have no problem opening up… about their problems, precisely. There are even some for whom complaining is a way of life, a second nature, even a religion. We present to you the three astrological signs for which the verb “whine” was probably invented.

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Taurus And The Constant Complaint

Listening to them, nothing ever goes right. It must be said that Taurus is not the type to rejoice excessively (pavlova for dessert is the minimum) and his emotions are often very internalized. As a result, he must remember to display emotions during a conversation. The rest of the time, his appearance is strangely reminiscent of that of the jaded Stanley Hudson in “The Office”. It must be said that Taurus is the most Epicurean sign of all. The cosmic ox is in astrology, linked to Venus: star of beauty, of good, of fun.

So obviously, since in our current society, it is unlikely that the Taurus’ daily life consists exclusively of burrata and body oils as greasy as his mornings, he is always a little rumpled. The slightest constraint makes him grumpy, and we’re not even talking about the day the cheese section changed in his supermarket. In short, Taurus is one of the most silent signs of the zodiac, but, believe us, if he speaks, it is 80% to complain. The remaining 20% ​​is reserved for ordering their favorite truffle pizza.

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Cancer And The Daily Drama

You innocently asked your Cancer colleague if “you were okay” seeing his closed face so early in the morning. You certainly didn’t expect her to open her shell and let out a stream of uninterrupted words mixing all kinds of problems, from today to yesterday. With a sign as dramatic as Cancer, this is to be expected. Associated with the Moon, the star of our emotions and our memory, the zodiacal crab is the type to take everything to heart. Very close to my heart.

Naturally, the bus driver and the package delivery man are personally angry with him and, if you ask him, it’s all just a big conspiracy that started on their ex’s birthday, “just by chance.” “. Having a tendency to get involved in the concerns of others as well as their own, Cancers believe that this philosophy applies to everyone and will detail their marital worries to you over lunch. All punctuated with pauses, for more suspense. If you still doubt it, this is one of the most “drama queen” signs of the zodiac.

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The Virgo And Her Excessive Expectations

His requirement sometimes has reasons that reason ignores. Virgo is also, like Cancer, very involved in everything she does. This does not necessarily involve a lot of affect or emotionality, as it does in Cancer. Virgo is rather constantly worried about accuracy, precision… in short, the perfection of every being and everything at all times. Inevitably, they always end up drowning in the excessively high expectations they have set for themselves, and sometimes also for others. The Virgin complains about the evening’s program which clearly has not been thought out. She will widely criticize this show which seems to have been written in a hurry and she mutters in meetings that she already knew everything that was said, “but no one cares about that”. Virgo’s specialty is that she never dares to complain too loudly and will always speak under her breath, or with great passive-aggression.

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Which Zodiac Signs Complain The Most?

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