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Yeah, It’s October, But These 4 Zodiac Signs Already Put Up Their Decorations Last Month

Some zodiacs hate the end of summer. Others breathe a long, grateful sigh of relief as soon as there’s a light chill in the air, leaves start falling, and the afternoon sunlight starts waning.

It’s the time of the season to celebrate all things dark and creepy. Time to pull out your autumn sweaters, cozy blankets, and drape everything in black and orange. Time to light candles, bob for apples, and peek out the window to check for ghosts.

Once October rolls around, it’s officially Halloween season, which celebrates the most morbid holiday of the year and one that ranks second only to Christmas in how much money Americans spend on it. One-quarter of all the candy bought annually is purchased strictly for All Hallows Eve.

Halloween this year falls on Tuesday, October 31. These are the four zodiac signs that love Halloween so much, they’ve already baked gingerbread, chosen a costume, bought a truckload of candy, carved a jack-o’-lantern, and taped giant plastic spiders to their front door—although it’s not even October yet.

1. Scorpio

As the only zodiac sign whose date range includes October 31, Scorpio and Halloween go together like butter on raisin toast, like brown sugar on oatmeal, and like whipped cream on pumpkin pie. The Scorpion is ruled by Pluto, which governs death and the unknown. They rule over the eighth house of death and mystery, so it’s only natural that they’re oddly attracted to darkness, morbidity, fear, and the macabre. If it’s eerie, chilling, and mysterious, they lap it up like a kitten licking cream from a saucer. Unlike most other signs—who view Halloween as an excuse for dressing up and being someone else—Halloween is the only day of the year where Scorpios can feel totally like themselves.

2. Gemini

As the only sign that is literally two-faced, the Twins feel totally at ease wearing masks. The only question: Which costume will they wear this year? Whether it’s a witch, clown, pirate, vampire, demon, space alien, or zombie, you can bet that they will spend endless hours getting all the details just right. Since they are naturally charismatic and sociable, they love going out on Halloween and partying until dawn. But since we’re dealing with Twins here, they are also perfectly content staying home, giving out candy, and seeing all the kids in their goofy get-ups laugh at the silly grown-up who also decided to wear a costume.

3. Aquarius

Widely believed to be the most introverted and eccentric of all signs, some Aquarians love Halloween because it’s the only day of the year they can truly be themselves around others from behind the safety and comfort of a costume. Others enjoy keeping to themselves and reading the collected short stories of Edgar Allan Poe by candlelight. Or maybe their idea of a perfect Halloween is to spend it with a special someone by a crackling fireplace as they take out the trusty ol’ Ouija board, dust it off, and ask the spirit world what this winter holds for them.

4. Pisces

This super-emotional water sign is ruled by Neptune, which governs dreams, fantasies, illusions, and the vast dark realm of the imagination. They feel perfectly at home hobnobbing with goblins, devils, skulls, and tarantulas as they all trek across the haunted, howling wasteland of the unknown. They instinctually prefer the winter months because the frigid temperatures and long nights allow them to turn inward and explore the limitless space inside them. They find it thrilling to confront their fears—sometimes, they even muster the courage to scream back at their fears and chase them away. This Halloween, don’t be surprised if they start binging on horror movies until the first days of spring.

Yeah, It’s October, But These 4 Zodiac Signs Already Put Up Their Decorations Last Month

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