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The Relationship Reminder Each Zodiac Needs For November 2023


Remember to pay close attention to the way someone makes you feel. It doesn’t matter if they’re perfect on paper. If you come away from every interaction with them feeling shitty, then it’s an indication they aren’t right for you.


Remember, someone cheating on you or hurting your heart has nothing to do with your value. It says more about them as a person than it says about you. Don’t assume that you’ve done something wrong because your love cannot change their behavior.


Remember, some relationships are only temporary. Even if you remain in the same relationship forever, it’s bound to change and grow. This person won’t be exactly the same as they once were and neither will you. The difference is whether you grow together or whether you grow apart.


Remember, you shouldn’t give up everything in the name of love. They aren’t the right person for you if they expect you to give up your hopes and dreams and family and friends in order to be with them. You can have it all, so you should never settle for less.


Remember, even though speaking your feelings can be uncomfortable now, it helps in the long-run. Pretending everything is fine will only cause resentment and confusion down the line. It’s better to be honest – and if your relationship falls apart because you told the truth, it wasn’t meant to be anyway.


Remember, commitment requires the work of two people. It doesn’t matter how much you love them or how much effort you put into keeping them happy. If they aren’t reciprocating, then you’re never going to last. And that’s a good thing because you deserve an equal.


Remember, your standards should stay constant. You shouldn’t lower them simply because you can’t stand to walk away from someone special. If they aren’t meeting your expectations, then they don’t deserve you. Don’t let them get away with murder. Don’t let them be an exception.


Remember, relationships are about compromise. You can’t always get your way – but you shouldn’t let your partner get their way without question either. You should be talking things through. You should both be feeling good about decisions. One person shouldn’t be steamrolling the other.


Remember, you’re allowed to change your mind. You shouldn’t feel pressured to remain in a relationship, simply because you’ve been together for a while. Having history doesn’t mean you need to have a future.


Remember, it’s not greedy to ask for what you want. The bare minimum isn’t nearly enough for you. Don’t minimize your worth. Don’t convince yourself that you aren’t deserving of more. If this person won’t go above and beyond for you, then they aren’t a good fit.


Remember, trust takes time to build but can break in an instant. You need to be with someone you trust one hundred percent. Someone you genuinely believe would never do you wrong. If the trust isn’t there, then you shouldn’t be either.


Remember, every couple goes through rough patches. Every couple argues. The difference is whether they treat you well even when they’re angry, and whether they are willing to grow and change. Only give out second chances if you can tell they’re deserved.

The Relationship Reminder Each Zodiac Needs For November 2023

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