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4 Zodiacs Who Just Need A Break This November 2023

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It was a long summer, right? While you may have been able to enjoy nice weather, fun events, and just living and breathing in the sunshine, the season likely came with struggle, too. You worked too hard. You went through emotional and social strife. You didn’t feel like the people in your life appreciated all that you do. If any of this resonates with you, you’re probably one of the following four zodiac signs. If you find your sign below, you need a serious break this November, whether it’s a literal break or you just need people to cut you some slack.

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You get a lot of flack as a Gemini. You’re more often on the negative zodiac lists than the positive ones. You’re accused of being two-faced and chaotic. It doesn’t help that you’re represented by the Twins, two people who seem similar but in essence are so very different. While you can see where people are coming from with these accusations, all the sass toward Geminis is getting old. You just need a break from the drama this month, both the kind that you create and the kind that’s unfairly attributed to you. That might mean steering clear of people or dicey social situations in November, but the opportunity to recharge will make it worth it.

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You don’t like to ask for help. It’s not necessarily perfectionism that has you doing everything yourself. You just like to find the best and most efficient way to do something and don’t want anyone messing that up. But can you feel the overwork settling into your bones? It’s like you can’t quite catch your breath. Though you may be willfully ignoring it, you’re exhausted and need a break. If you don’t find a way to chill out this November, you may be on the fast track to a devastating burnout scenario. Ask people in your life for help and just let them do it their way for once. It’ll be worth it when you finally get to take a deep breath.

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You like doing everything yourself. It makes you feel like a badass. Look at you with your tool box, putting up your own shelves or fixing your own computer like the badass you are. While you’ll work on concrete things, you’re rarely putting yourself high on your to-do list. Self-care seems more like a fancy way of saying “being lazy.” Truthfully, that’s not the case. Your own health and well-being should be just as important as anything else you could be doing, if not moreso. This month, prioritize inner calm and happiness. Take an elaborate bubble bath with champagne and candles. Sign yourself up for a 90-minute massage. It’ll be so worth it in the end.

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You have a hard time saying no when someone asks you to do something. That’s why your weekends get full up with favors for friends. That’s why you take on more and more responsibility at work that you’ve begun to feel like you’re underwater. You care about people, and that’s great, but don’t do so at your own expense. Only give what you can, not more. Leave room for yourself this November. Practice the art of saying no. The real MVPs of your social, family, and work life will respect that they don’t always have 100% access to your time and emotions.

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4 Zodiacs Who Just Need A Break This November 2023

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