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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Put Their Mental Health First Before The End Of October

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We’re all occasionally going through a tough time. No one is immune to needing a day or two for self-care. But the following three zodiac signs don’t always do a great job listening to the part of their brain that asks for help. If you’re on this list, make sure to put your mental health first before the end of October 2023.


It’s not that you don’t focus on self care. You’re not sitting at your job, working yourself to the bone 80 hours a week. You just mistake some activities as self care when they’re really doing the opposite for your mental health. Going out to the bars and clubs all weekend isn’t a focus on your emotional well-being. Distracting yourself from what’s bothering you just prolongs the act of actually getting better. Rather than running away from your problems with “fun activities,” sit with how you feel. If it means taking a mental health day from work just to be by yourself, so be it.

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You’re probably hoping that if you say “I’m fine” enough times even you will start believing it. Unfortunately, that’s not how this works. You have to actually do the work to become fine. While some signs don’t even know what’s wrong half the time, that’s not the case for you. You’re well aware of what’s been bothering you. You just aren’t doing the work to fix it. It’s not too late though, Leo. Take the rest of October to really figure out how you can make your life better, more fulfilling, less stressful. If you do this now, you can spend the rest of summer just enjoying yourself.

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Unlike the other two signs on this list, you actually do take mental health time. You just don’t always take it as soon as you need it. You’ll often wallow in bad feelings or wade through the stress of life for an unhealthy amount of time before you stop and take care of yourself. You might be heading in that direction right now. Life is slowly but surely becoming unbearable. If you can, start focusing on your mental health before the end of October so you can start feeling better sooner rather than later.

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3 Zodiacs Who Need To Put Their Mental Health First Before The End Of October

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