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Why These Two Star Signs Make Great Serial Killers

Did you think “Scorpio” or “Gemini”? Missed. The signs that show homicidal predispositions are not the ones you think of.

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Yes, serial killers can be Scorpios like Charles Manson or Sagittarius like Ted Bundy. But in a strictly symbolic way, some signs have what it takes to be prolific serial killers. Obviously, this is a question of subjective astrological opinion and not of science.

Virgo: Organized Killers

In criminology, we distinguish disorganized and spontaneous killers from those who scrupulously plan their crimes and leave few traces behind them. Virgo would rather be one of the latterThe sign is meticulous, and efficient and never shies away from the task, even if it means getting their hands dirty. In addition, the Virgin is seen as discreet: as was Carol Bundy, “the Sunset Strip killer” who was almost believed to be innocent.

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Pisces: Those Who Deal With Reality

Have you ever wondered how it was possible to commit such violent acts? We could answer, denial, distancing from reality. And in this matter, the sign of Pisces has some predispositions. Explanations: astrology links the sign to Neptune. It represents the depths of the soul, dreams, the unconscious, in short: the blurred borders with reality. This was the case of Richard Ramirez, the Pisces “night stalker” who thought he was a demon. We also associate Neptune with the artificial paradises that many serial killers are fond of. Enough to raise juicy hypotheses about the sign of the aptly named Zodiac Killer.

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Why These Two Star Signs Make Great Serial Killers

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