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Who Are The Four Cardinal Signs In Astrology?

In astrology, the four so-called cardinal signs are said to be go-getters, gifted at renewing themselves and launching new projects.

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No, nothing to do with the clergy or even with the four cardinal points. In astrology, there are three types of signs: cardinal, fixed and mutable. The first starts one of the four seasons, the second anchors it, and the last transcends it. It may not seem like much, but this detail is not one. For astrologers analyzing a person’s birth chart, the modality (also called the mode) is as important as the astrological element to which the sign belongs. Do you feel the headache coming on? Don’t panic, we’ll explain: it’s not as complicated as it seems. Spoiler, these fantastic four each represent one of the elements used in Western astrology.

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What Does Cardinal Astrological Sign Mean?

You were lied to. The cardinal signs have one thing in common with the four cardinal points: they give direction. These are the signs that launch the idea of ​​departure. Please note, that we are not necessarily saying that they are in the process of becoming a reality. That’s more a matter of the four fixed signs (middle of the season). The cardinal signs are the desire, impulse, and momentum it takes to start something. In “Astrology in practice” (Exergue editions), Chris Semet summarizes the cardinal mode as “the index of renewal and start-up”. As different as they are, these astrological signs share a love of taking initiative.

What good does it do you to know if you are a mutable or fixed sign? Knowing the dominant mode in your birth chart could tell you more about your personality. In the same way that you can be Gemini and have a very Aries birth chart, you can absolutely have a fixed sun sign but have a chart marked by mutable energy. To find out, simply calculate your astral chart and note which modality corresponds to your solar, lunar, ascendant sign, and… all the others. You could have surprises and discover a side of you that you didn’t suspect.

Who Are The Cardinal Signs?

Each of the four cardinal astrological signs begins its season. Aries is not only the first sign of the zodiac but also the first cardinal sign of the year: it starts in spring. As such, he is the go-getter of go-getters. Yes, this Fire sign literally breaks down doors and he doesn’t hide it. He’s the entrepreneur of the quartet.

The second cardinal sign is sweet Cancer, which begins in summer. Does that surprise you, from this rather reserved Water sign? This is normal, but that would be to forget Cancer’s ruling temperament. A sign associated with the Moon, a parental figure who is certainly gentle but tenacious when it comes to defending others, Cancer is the union leader of the group.

Third of the cardinal signs, Libra here represents the signs of Air. Diplomatic, and sociable, the balancing act of the zodiac begins not only autumn but also dialogue. Connected to Venus, the planet of relationships, Libra initiates negotiations and proposes unions and collaborations. Of the four cardinal signs, Libra acts as a mediator.

The last, but not least, the cardinal sign is embodied by an Earth sign: the pragmatic Capricorn. Hardworking, reliable, and rigorous, this sign embodies the discipline required to get through winter, the season it is beginning. Representative of Saturn (work, responsibilities), Capricorn is the manager of the quartet.

Who Are The Four Cardinal Signs In Astrology?

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