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The 1 Zodiac Sign Who Needs To Protect Their Energy In October 2023

Here is the one zodiac who need to protect their energy in October 2023.

While energy protection is vital for all, there are certain zodiac signs who struggle to do so more than others. And in October 2023, Cancer needs to focus on protecting their energy more than the rest.

Here’s the thing: Cancer is one of the most nurturing of the entire zodiac. They take care of their own and truly feel great fulfillment in making sure the ones they love have everything they need and then some. Cancer will give anyone they love the shirt (or shell, as it were) off their back in order to make sure their loved one is safe and okay. Cancer will always be a safe haven to the ones they hold dearest, taking in anyone who needs their support. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 AM or the middle of the workday, Cancer will do what they have to do in order to help out their people.

While it’s absolutely lovely that Cancer is able to be so loving, they sometimes forget that they too need and deserve support. Cancer often ends up neglecting their own happiness and needs because they’re so concerned about everyone else around them. Cancer will pour and pour and pour from their own cup without taking the time to refill. And when that well runs dry, they’ll still try and squeeze out every last drop. And, no, Cancer won’t ask for help because they’re always terrified of being a burden.

Cancer would be wise to remember that self-care isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. Cancer must start taking the time to recharge and rest, and October 2023 is an incredibly great time to do so. Cancer can start taking better care of themselves by protecting their energy so they can truly take the time to tend to their own garden. Some ways to protect their energy is to say no if they are out of bandwidth, getting enough rest, putting their phone on DND, and simply do the self-care basics every single day.

And, finally, another way Cancer can do better energy protection is to ask for help. No one can do everything on their own, and Cancer is no exception (no matter how hard they try and do everything solo). Cancer needs to become more comfortable being the person who gets taken of every now and then. It’s okay to need support. Cancer needs to remember this in October 2023, and beyond.

The 1 Zodiac Sign Who Needs To Protect Their Energy In October 2023

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