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Date These Zodiacs If You Need Space To Navigate Your Problems

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Scorpio needs to know everything and anything about you, but they aren’t always explicitly direct with their methods. They can use modern technology and their psychological mastery to deduct the root of your problem without even making you aware that they know you have one. They’ll make you feel like they’re giving you space while sitting at home reading the photocopy of your diary they made on their cell phone while you weren’t looking. They’ll check your Spotify playlist to see how you’re feeling, your Venmo to see who you’ve been spending time with, and guess the password to your GrubHub account to make sure you’re still eating. All the while making you think that they’re super chilled and laid back and totally fine with you taking some space to figure it out for yourself.

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A Virgo is never going to baby you, so only come to them when you’re looking for tough love. It’s not that they don’t care, or can’t empathize, but they’re extremely realistic about the fact that they can’t solve your problems for you. They’re the partners that will never leave your corner or lose faith in you, but they know it’s ultimately your fight to fight. So if you need to take time away to sort through your feelings or deal with an issue, they’ll understand. They know what it’s like to have a distraction weighing over you until you deal with it. So they’ll let you deal. They won’t sugarcoat it or ask you if you’re okay when they know you’re not. Known for being extremely private, they know your deepest darkest emotions are a place you need to venture to alone.

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Cancers have been through their own shit, and will never judge you for needing time to work through your own. It doesn’t change the way they see you, and they’d never define you by your struggles. They know it’s a part of everyone’s life, just like the highs and the successes and the celebrations. They give you the time and space to cope, the same way you don’t bother someone when they’re going to the bathroom. Some things in life require tact and privacy. Cancers just have this presence where they will stand far enough away to make you feel safe. The space allows you to think and feel everything you need to, but they’re always in sight, always a call away, never leaving you completely on your own. They are firm and reliable without imposing.

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Gemini is too busy to obsess over your problems. They are the partners that are coming and going from one thing to the next, putting out little fires everywhere. If you date one, you’ll have plenty of time and space to work out the things that are bothering you, knowing that if anything escalates to a point where you do need their support, your Gemini can be summoned by a superhero beacon. The crux of it is that a Gemini will trust you to ask for help, and they won’t be shoving it down your throat if you’re not asking for it. They’re not your parent or your teacher or your guardian, they’re your partner. If you’re not saying you’re lost, they won’t assume you need to be found. They won’t assume anything at all about you, because they trust your ability to effectively communicate with them.

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Date These Zodiacs If You Need Space To Navigate Your Problems

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