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6 Zodiacs Who Should Be Proud Of Making It Through October

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October was an exciting month for some signs, and just plain miserable for others. Sometimes, life comes at you fast, but instead of dwelling on how rough things got, you should celebrate the fact that you got through it. Here are some zodiacs who should be proud of making it through October:


Taurus, when unexpected problems pop up, you can have trouble dealing with the fallout and controlling your emotions – but no matter how angry or upset or disappointed this month made you, you got through it. You survived the moments when you weren’t sure whether you could take it anymore, and that deserves some praise. Be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come because you know better than anyone that it wasn’t easy.

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Gemini, there were moments when you felt like everything was falling apart this month, but you managed to keep going. To keep trying. To keep believing in yourself. Sure, there have been doubts in your mind, your hope has wavered here and there, but overall you had enough faith in yourself to make it here. You did it. So stop and celebrate that. Don’t undervalue yourself.

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Leo, you never want to show your fear or uncertainty to others, but this month made that hard for you. You ended up dealing with more stress than you thought you could handle – but guess what? You did handle it. Maybe you had some ugly moments along the way. Maybe you broke into tears or said some things you regret, but you made it through October in one piece. You’re still standing. And you’re still fighting.

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Virgo, this month, you weren’t feeling as put together as everyone else assumed. There were times when you felt like you were putting on an act and pretending, even around the people you trust the most. But you shouldn’t feel like you have to lie to your loved ones about what you’re going through. It’s okay to show them the cracks. The right people aren’t going to judge you. They are going to support you.

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Sagittarius, you try your hardest to let problems roll off your back, but sometimes enough is enough. Sometimes, you hit your breaking point and aren’t sure whether you can keep up that happy façade in front of others. But that’s okay. Your emotions should be felt and understood. You should be proud of your vulnerability, of the fact that you’re getting in touch with your emotions instead of pushing them away. This month wasn’t easy, and it’s okay to admit that.

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Pisces, you know better than anyone that your emotions are valid. They matter. They deserve to be expressed. But this month, there were moments when you wished your emotions would disappear, when you would get a break from feeling so much. Even though this month was tough on you, you still got through it. You made it until today. Maybe you’ve been feeling weak, but getting here proves that you’re strong.

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6 Zodiacs Who Should Be Proud Of Making It Through October

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