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4 Zodiacs Who Need Their Friends To Check In On Them This October

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Some zodiacs are eagerly awaiting Halloween and are in great moods. But other signs are having a rough time, even though you might not realize it. Here are a few zodiacs who need their friends to check in on them this October:


Cancers are never going to admit that there’s a problem on their end. They would do absolutely anything to make their family and friends feel better, but they will never ask other people to put effort into cheering them up. That’s why you should check in on your Cancer friends this month. Make sure that they’re holding up okay because this year hasn’t been easy on anyone. There are so many people struggling, and they will appreciate knowing that they have others in their corner. Even if a Cancer is doing completely fine, it’s still a great idea to check in because there’s nothing they love more than having long, thoughtful conversations with their family and friends.

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Leos have a tendency to be overdramatic, so you might discount their complaints. You might assume that they’re perfectly fine because you’ve heard them talk about similar problems a hundred times before. But you shouldn’t minimize their feelings. There’s a chance that they’re being outspoken because they need someone like you. They need someone to check in and make sure that they’re holding up okay. They need someone to talk things through with. It’s not your responsibility to save anyone, but if you care about a Leo, now might be a good time to invite them to hang out or call them on the phone to have a chat. It can’t hurt. It could be good for the both of you.

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You’re never going to know if something is bothering a Scorpio because they keep their cards close to their chest. They don’t like to complain about their lives because they are cautious about letting people into their lives in general. If you have a Scorpio in your life that you care about, then you should check in on them because there’s a chance that they aren’t doing as well as you think. They could be putting on a brave face while dealing with some real struggles. Even if you send a text checking in on them, they still might not tell you the truth about what they’ve been up against – but it should put them in a better mood knowing you care enough to say hello, so your effort will be worth it.

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Capricorns want to be the strongest, fiercest person in any given room. They don’t want to show weakness, and unfortunately, way too many people mistake vulnerability for weakness. Plus, Capricorns are used to making decisions based on logic and ignoring their emotions. Sometimes, they aren’t even aware of how much they’re struggling because they won’t let themselves sit with a feeling and really experience it. They will distract themselves instead and convince themselves that they’re overreacting over perfectly valid problems. If you love a Capricorn, you should check in on them to remind them that they’re allowed to get emotional. They’re allowed to open up. They’re allowed to care. They don’t have to pretend around you.

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4 Zodiacs Who Need Their Friends To Check In On Them This October

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