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How To Make Each Zodiac Obsessed With You Without Even Trying

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Ever had a certain Zodiac obsessed with you and you had no idea why? When you naturally engage in these behaviors from a place of authenticity (and not as a manipulation tool), it makes these signs lowkey obsessed with you.

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Ghost or ignore them first when they start acting cold or withdrawn – while living your best life. Aquarius will never admit it, but they are competitive when it comes to who cares the least. How dare you ignore them when they were the ones planning to do it first? If you end up ignoring them without even realizing it and by naturally being immersed in your own goals and happiness, you’ll suddenly see them making moves to grab your attention again – just so they can be the one in control.

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Tease them. Hold out on physical affection or slow down the physical aspects of your relationship until you’ve gotten to know each other better. Not only will it build the chemistry brewing between you two, it’ll allow a sensual, indulgent Taurus who is accustomed to instant gratification work harder to earn your attention.

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Keep them guessing. Geminis are known for their duality and the way people naturally keep their interest is by sparking their curiosity. When a naturally contradictory and multifaceted person isn’t predictable, Gemini becomes entranced and obsessed with figuring out how that person ticks.

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Compete with them. Set up any kind of competition or bet that’s low-stakes. Challenge them to a push-up contest or a race. You’ll arouse their interest without realizing it because Capricorn is ambitious and wants to “win.”

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Stand up for them or to them. People assume that the way a Leo gets obsessed with you is by being obsessed with them, since they’re so self-loving. But actually, it’s not. The lion is intrigued by people who are brave like they are. But as a natural performer who caters to the stage and can morph into what people like to see, they are even more impressed when they see someone authentic and brave who doesn’t care about the opinions of others, stands up to the people who have never been put in their place – including themselves.

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Give them some tough love when they’re using their moods against you. Don’t cater to their pessimism. Cancer is used to people putting up with their shifting moods and emotions. People who “jolt” them awake from their pity parties and emotional slumber tend to motivate and attract them.

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Be the “extrovert” to their introverted secrecy but remain secretive yourself. If you draw out their secrets slowly while remaining mysterious yourself, this will be catnip to an evasive Scorpio. Your need for privacy causes a Scorpio to become curious about who you really are and what you’re up to.

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Leave them when they’re being toxic. A Pisces who is being toxic can weaponize their sensitivity to make you feel obligated to them. When you’re not tolerating their toxic behavior, they’ll become obsessed with you and realize you were the one who got away.

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Give them freedom and respect their multifacetedness. Be genuinely enthusiastic about exploring with them and making them laugh. Sagittarius loves to be with people as adventurous and complex as they are. They become obsessed with dynamic personalities that mirror their own contradictions.

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Hold them accountable. Libras are diplomatic, tend to be gracious people-pleasers and avoid conflict whenever possible, but whenever someone holds them accountable, it piques their interest. It means they’ve just met someone as interested in equality and justice as they are and aren’t afraid to call them out. That’s the type of person they feel most attracted to.

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Acknowledge and compliment their hard work and abilities. Perfectionistic Virgo enjoys when someone sees their labor and efforts and feels most obsessed with people that (authentically) give them the validation they’re seeking.

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Comfort them. Independent Aries are not used to asking for help. Feeling soothed by a partner or friend makes this fiery fire sign see you as a safe haven and someone they become easily obsessed with.

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How To Make Each Zodiac Obsessed With You Without Even Trying

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