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How Each Zodiac Can Strengthen Their Connection To Their Intuition

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You trust your first impression a little too much, and will react quickly. Sometimes you’re wrong, though. Connect to your intuition better by taking a moment to see where your assumptions are coming from. Are they really from your gut, or just a bias?


You often expect the worst from people and you’ll call that your intuition. But is that your fear or your pessimism talking instead? Connect to your intuition by giving people a chance. You’ll know for sure how correct you actually are.


Connect to your intuition better by actually listening to how you feel. You’ll often do anything to ignore it because you think life is a lot more fun if you throw caution to the wind. There’s a difference between being spontaneous and putting yourself in danger.


You’ve gotten very good at ignoring your intuition. You love to give people chances to prove that they’re good. While your motives are pure, this is how you end up getting taken advantage of. Connect to your intuition by trusting your first impression more.


You’re one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac, but even you could improve. While you’re good at sensing the intricacies of people and situations, you don’t always do anything with that info. Connect to your intuition better by doing something with how you feel.


While you have good intuition when it comes to goal-setting and decision-making, your first impressions for people aren’t as honed. Connect to your intuition better by sitting with the feelings you have for the people around you. Don’t just ignore that inner voice.


Your intuition for people and social situations is already very good. Where you could improve is the second chances you give to people who prove that they aren’t trustworthy. Listen to your gut more by acting on what your intuition is telling you.


While you have a very good intuition, especially when it comes to people, you aren’t as good at actually listening to your gut instinct. You let your emotions or past dictate what you do, rather than what the truth of your intuition is telling you.


While you have great intuition when it could lead to adventure, you’re less likely to listen to your gut if it doesn’t have anything exciting to say. Connect to your intuition better by listening at all times, and not just when you want to hear it.


Your intuition for people is stellar–one of the best in the zodiac. While you’re doing fine in interpersonal situations, your intuition outside of the social world could use some work. Connect with your intuition better by listening to your gut at work–and following through with what it says.


Your intuition about people is stellar if you’d only listen. You’re not usually focused on others too much, so any gut instinct you might have goes largely unnoticed. Connect with your intuition more by leaving space to listen.


Your intuition is so good that it’s become a bit of a party trick. Your friends think you’re psychic, but you’re just good at listening to your gut. You can connect better with your intuition by using your skills for good, and not just to prove that you’re right.

How Each Zodiac Can Strengthen Their Connection To Their Intuition

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