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4 Zodiacs Who Are Secretly Jealous When Others Succeed

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It’s natural to be a bit jealous when other people are succeeding and you feel like you’re falling behind. But some zodiacs feel more strongly about this than others. They might celebrate their friends’ accomplishments because they’re happy for them — but there is some pain mixed in there too. Here are the zodiacs who end up feeling the most jealousy when they see other people succeed:

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Aries, you want to be the greatest of all time. When other people succeed, you are going to congratulate them — but internally, you feel like you have failed. You beat yourself up because you aren’t meeting your own expectations. You aren’t getting the results that you were hoping to see — but since other people are able to achieve their dreams, you feel like you must be messing up somewhere. You feel like you must not be working hard enough, or you must be making some sort of mistake. But that’s not necessarily true. Everyone is on their own journey. Everyone moves at their own pace. You might doing everything right, but you need to stay patient to see those results you’ve been craving.

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Virgo, you’re a perfectionist so you have extremely high expectations for yourself. When you watch others succeed while you’re stuck in place, you feel terrible about yourself. You feel like a disappointment, a failure, a screw-up. You don’t understand what you’re doing so wrong and how they’re doing so much better than you when you put in so much work every single day. But you can’t keep comparing yourself to the people surrounding you. Just because they have found success sooner doesn’t mean they’re superior to you. It doesn’t mean they’re worth more. You need to stop equating your productivity to your value because you are special, whether or not you ever reach those dreams.

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Capricorn, you are always hard on yourself. You beat yourself up whenever you feel like you’re lacking in a certain area. It’s why it’s so hard for you to watch other people succeed while you feel like you’re stuck in place. You are happy for them — but you don’t understand why they’re succeeding and not you. However, there’s enough success to go around. Other people succeeding doesn’t take away your ability to succeed. You can both reach your accomplishments. You can both live happy, fulfilling lives. This isn’t a competition. You aren’t falling behind because there is no timeline.

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Aquarius, you try your hardest to focus on your own lane. You tell yourself that you couldn’t care less what other people are doing — but secretly, it pains you to watch others succeed when you feel like you aren’t anywhere close to achieving your dreams. You put in so much effort every single day, so it sucks when there’s nothing to show for it. You wish that your level of effort directly corresponded to your level of success, but life isn’t always fair. You won’t always win, even though you worked the hardest. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. You need to keep trying because this is your dream. This is what will make you happiest. You can’t let anyone else get in the way of that.

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