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4 Zodiacs With The Most Confusing Hearts

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Some zodiacs are confident when it comes to their emotions. They know how they’re feeling and they aren’t going to hesitate to voice those emotions out loud. But other zodiacs struggle to understand their own emotions. They aren’t sure exactly what they want or how they feel. Here are the zodiacs with the most confusing hearts:

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Gemini, you don’t want to end up with any regrets, which is why you’re always overthinking. One moment, you might feel like your crush is perfect for you — and the next, you’ll come up with a bunch of reasons why it would never work. You are trying to keep your expectations realistic, but you only end up confusing yourself. You end up unsure about what you even want. And that’s okay. You don’t have to have it all figured out right now. But you don’t want to end up confusing others with mixed signals either. Try to figure out what you want internally before voicing any decision out loud. That way, you can change your mind as much as you want without hurting anyone in the process.

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Libra, sometimes it’s hard for you to understand how you’re feeling because you have such a huge heart. You want to be there for every single person that you know. You want to help them feel happier and more confident with themselves. However, you can’t give them what they want while sacrificing what you want. The problem is that you commonly get confused about what is best for others and what is best for yourself. When someone is interested in you, you want to give them a fighting chance. You want to accept their love. But you can’t let their feelings confuse you about yours. If you don’t want to be with them, that’s okay. You don’t have to love everyone who loves you. You are allowed to turn them down, even though it’s heartbreaking to hurt someone you care about.

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Virgo, you find your own feelings confusing because you’re always having an internal battle between logic and emotion. Sometimes, you know that someone is horrible for you, but you end up crushing on them anyway. When that happens, you can’t make your feelings magically disappear, even when you know that person is awful for you on paper. Your heart is so confusing because it frequently wants what you don’t want it to want. It just won’t listen to reason sometimes, and that’s frustrating for someone as logical as you.

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Pisces, you have such a huge heart that it can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction. You always see the best in others, so you end up crushing on most people that you meet (at least for a little while). You feel like they could all be great matches for you — which, of course, isn’t actually the case for most of them. You end up confused by your heart because it can end up making you fall for friends and coworkers who might be better off as platonic relationships. The smallest thing can make you turn to mush because you’re such a hopeless romantic. But you’re never sure when you should act on these feelings or when they’re going to fade away naturally. You see so much potential in everyone, so you’re not sure who you’re really meant to be with.

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4 Zodiacs With The Most Confusing Hearts

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