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5 Zodiac Duos Who Will Always Be More Than Friends

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Virgo + Aquarius

These two will always be attracted to each other because they think alike. Starting as friends, they’ll have each other to lean on when the going gets tough. Virgos are logical, and so are Aquarians. Both will feel supported, heard, and loved. As time passes, they’ll start noticing the sparks. All this time, they were a perfect match.

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Leo + Libra

Leo and Libra have much more in common than meets the eye. Both are good-looking and boast fashionable wardrobes, so they will always be on each other’s radar. Even if they tried being friends, it wouldn’t be long until their harmless flirting turned into something that lasted more than a night.

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Taurus + Scorpio

Scorpio will always see Taurus as a potential love interest. The Earth sign is romantic, loyal, and incredibly trustworthy: everything the Water sign longs for in a match. Taurus is also curious about Scorpio, whose mystery and demure intrigues the sign. These two can try becoming friends, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they formed a romantic connection.

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Cancer + Scorpio

Both emotionally in tune, these two will always boast an effortless connection. This relationship is more than physical because the duo understands each other’s emotions and needs. They are each other’s shoulders to lean on. They may still be friends while knowing they share an unparalleled. love

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Aries + Gemini

Aries has the most fun with Gemini. They complement each other well. While they may have begun strictly platonic (or as friends with benefits), these two will grow to appreciate the other’s company in a more romantic light. They hold similar values and know how to give time and space that the other might need.

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5 Zodiac Duos Who Will Always Be More Than Friends

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