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4 Zodiacs Who Constantly Feel Like They Aren’t Doing Enough

There are only twenty-four hours in a day. And some signs feel like that isn’t nearly enough time to accomplish everything that they have on their schedule. No matter how much they manage to squeeze into a day, they are still disappointed with their level of productivity. They still feel like they could have done more. Here are the zodiacs who always feel like they aren’t doing enough:


Aries, you are always cramming a thousand things into your schedule. You prefer to keep yourself busy because the moment you experience boredom, you feel like the world is ending. But that doesn’t mean you should always be pushing yourself this hard. It doesn’t mean you should put a ton on your plate and struggle to rush around, completing everything. You need to learn how to slow down because you’re going to hurt yourself if you keep moving at such a fast pace, if you keep pushing yourself to achieve the impossible. You can’t do everything in a day. You need to be patient with yourself. Be more kind to yourself. And please, give yourself a break for a change. Learn to enjoy the quiet, at least once in a while.


Leo, you never feel like you’re doing enough because you have huge dreams that are taking time to complete. When you don’t see results automatically, it upsets you. It makes you feel like you aren’t making any progress — when really, a lot of that progress is invisible. It’s still happening, but you need to stay patient. You need to keep trusting yourself. Although it’s easy to get caught up in your desire for success and grow frustrated with how little it seems like you’re achieving, you need to remember you’re only in control of yourself. And you’re doing as much as you can possibly do. Stop treating yourself like a punching bag because you’re going above and beyond every single day. You’re not giving yourself nearly enough credit.


Virgo, you are a perfectionist, so you never feel like you’re doing enough. You strive to be the perfect friend, perfect employee, perfect partner, perfect child. You put way too much pressure on yourself so it’s impossible to live up to your own expectations. But you need to remember, you’re doing your best — which is more than most people can say. You’re actively trying to reach your potential. You’re putting in the effort. And you should be incredibly proud of yourself for this. However, it doesn’t mean you should continue packing your schedule. Leave some wriggle room in there. Set aside some time to take a well-deserved break.


Capricorn, you have trouble staying still for long because you’re an overachiever. You’re not satisfied with doing the bare minimum. You want to do more than anyone else expects. You want to blow them out of the water. You rarely give yourself the chance to rest, even when you’re finished with everything on your schedule, because there’s always more you can add to that schedule. Your work never feels finished — but you need to learn to create a healthier balance. You can’t work all the time or you’ll burn yourself out. You need periods of rest too. You need to give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing sometimes, even though that’s uncomfortable for you.

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