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4 Zodiacs Who Would Rather Be Alone Than Risk A Broken Heart

For most people, heartbreak is a huge fear. No one wants to be dumped or rejected. No one wants to feel like they are unlovable or a last priority. However, you can’t allow your fear of pain stop you from pursuing a relationship that feels like a good fit for you. Of course, some zodiacs have a harder time accepting this than others. Here are the zodiacs who would rather be alone than risk a broken heart:


Taurus, you would rather be alone than risk a broken heart because you are completely comfortable single. For now. However, once you let yourself grow attached to someone special, you can’t imagine living life without them. That’s why you’re so scared to open up your heart to someone new. You don’t want to end up being the one who cares more, the one who chases after them and does everything for them while they barely lift a finger for you. In your mind, it’s much easier to remain single and miss out on love than it is to experience love and then have it ripped away from you. But you need to remember, not every relationship will end in pain. Not every person is destined to hurt you. And even if a relationship ends, sometimes the experience is worth the hurt. What you learn is irreplaceable.


Scorpio, you would rather be alone than risk a broken heart because you’re a cynic. You assume everyone is going to hurt you in the end, and you would rather be the one walking out the door than sit around waiting for them to walk out someday. But you need to remember, not everyone is going to hurt you like the people from your past have hurt you. Some people are permanent. Some people are going to treat your heart right. But if you never let them in, you’ll never have the opportunity to experience this.


Sagittarius, you would rather be alone than risk a broken heart because you don’t need romance to feel fulfilled. You have so many wonderful friends, family members, passions, and hobbies that you feel like you can survive just fine on your own. You believe it’s easier this way. But you need to remember, the easiest path isn’t always the right path. Letting others into your heart is scary, but it could be the right move. One that will challenge you and fulfill you in equal measure.


Capricorn, you would rather be alone than risk a broken heart because your feelings are fragile. You act like you’re tough, and have some people convinced you’re completely heartless, but the opposite is true. When you care about someone, you can’t stand the thought of losing them, which is why relationships are so intimidating to you. Since you’re perfectly fine on your own, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re vulnerable. You would rather play it safe and stay single. But you need to remember, even though you’re taking away another person’s chance to hurt you, you’re hurting yourself by isolating. You’re still experiencing pain, just in a different way.

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