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5 Zodiacs Who Are The ‘Worst’ To Date

It’s no surprise that astrology is often used to help determine compatibility, especially in romantic connections. While it makes sense to get an idea of a person’s personality when deciding to date, it can sometimes lead to people writing a person off solely because of their Sun sign.

Of course, the truth is that a person’s Sun sign is by no means an all-encompassing picture of who they are, and any two zodiac signs can make a relationship work. That being said, there are a few zodiac signs that people seem to believe are the “worst” to date—what’s the reason behind that?

Below, we’ve rounded up zodiac signs that are commonly referred to as the “worst” to date—and a breakdown of why they may have this reputation.


Scorpio, people either love you or hate you—there isn’t an in-between. Despite your sign’s association with sensuality and intense passion, some people prefer to focus a little more on the association with vengefulness and possession. Many people want to be with you, and you’re more than skilled at being mysterious enough to draw people in. You keep to yourself while encouraging others to open up to you, and you aren’t afraid to skip the small talk to establish a deeper, more intimate connection. However, if someone slights you, you’re often stereotyped as a person who won’t rest until they’ve ruined the person’s life. Or, if a person tries to turn their attention elsewhere, it’s just not going to go over well with you. Personally, it isn’t that you’re the worst to date, but dating you is also not for the casual or the reluctant—it’s only for those who are ready to dive all in.


In some ways, this might be confusing to find Pisces on this list—especially considering that Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, is exalted in this sign. However, Pisces do have a tendency to lean towards indecision—what they are sure they want today could easily change tomorrow. With their love of nostalgia and consistent pattern of giving multiple chances to people who hurt them over and over, Pisces can also be a sign who is ready to move on one day, then stuck back on their ex the next. Truthfully, though, it’s Pisces’ free spirit and compassion that makes them so attractive in the first place, so anyone who dates them shouldn’t be surprised by their go-with-the-flow nature, nor that they change their minds often—so are they really the worst, or are they just used to doing things a little differently? Who’s to say?


I will be the first to say that Gemini signs tend to get so much unwarranted slander—not every Gemini sign is two-faced! Nonetheless, the bad reputation of being a sign that is “difficult” to date likely stems from a desire to not “commit” to things right away—you love your possibilities, your options, and the “what-ifs” that result from leaving things open-ended. This doesn’t mean you can’t (or won’t) commit, just that you aren’t as determined to lock yourself into a relationship without a very good reason. If you refuse to communicate this aspect of yourself, it can make things complicated—especially for people who want to be with you and can’t read your mind. However, when you are with a partner, they know it’s intentional—they just need to be the right person.


As the zodiac sign that isn’t afraid to take on a challenge, you might be a little shocked to see yourself on this list—but you’re not everyone’s cup of tea. You carry a certain level of determination and confidence that is attractive to some but intimidating to others, so it truly is a toss-up of who would be thrilled to date you and who will pass based on your date of birth. Additionally, your ruling planet Mars gives you a boost in terms of assertiveness, direction, and drive—for some, this is an exciting take-charge connection, while for others, it can come off as abrasive. Truly, it comes down to finding the people who understand you because the ones who don’t will certainly write you off as a sign they absolutely won’t consider in their dating pool.


Oh, Aquarius—your aloofness and detached nature have overshadowed your entire personality. Truthfully, you aren’t one to jump into a relationship quickly—you want to build a friendship and establish a mental connection alongside an emotional and physical one. Essentially, dating takes time and work—but the results are worth it for those who choose to stick around. You don’t make it easy, though—you like your alone time and aren’t always clear with your romantic intentions, which can make it difficult for people to know whether you are interested in them or not. Your fixed sign nature lends itself to the notion that when you’re in, you’re all in, but it certainly takes a long road to get there.

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