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4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Sagittarius Soulmates

As the most independent sign on the whole zodiac wheel, Sagittarius would often rather be alone or with casual friends than spend their entire lives in a romantic relationship. They refuse to be dominated and don’t like their opinions or authority being questioned. As thrill-seekers who are easily bored, they don’t like feeling trapped or tied-down.

But everyone yearns for love eventually, and on the occasions when Sagittarius is seeking out a lover, they look for more than sex and attraction. They need someone who is equally independent, curious, and respectful of boundaries. But they are also looking for someone who will not only compliment them, but complement them in the sense of making them complete. When their quest for a soulmate leads them to “the one,” they go all-in with gusto and abandon.

Here are the four zodiac signs who are most likely to shoot their arrow and land it squarely in the Archer’s heart.

1. Aquarius

No two zodiac signs’ names rhyme better than Aquarius and Sagittarius. Sure, you could make a case that Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio’s names also rhyme, but with Aquarius and Sagittarius, you have three whole syllables rhyming. Both signs are free-spirited, creative, and open-minded. Whereas Aquarius is a fixed modality and slightly less open to compromise, Sagittarius is easy-going and mutable. Sagittarius lusts for truth; since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that governs innovation, they will go out of their way to fetch and deliver all the truth that Sagittarius needs. Both signs also have a lust for life—a lust that extends to the bedroom.

2. Libra

When the adventurous, free-spirited, exploratory, and frontier-busting Archer meets up with the level-headed, rational, logical, and pragmatic Scales, it can be the match of a lifetime. They can smooth out one another’s rough edges and add some shine to each other’s dull edges. Libra will find Sag to be exciting, but not scary. Sag will find Libra to be reasonable, but not boring. Libra will keep them grounded. Like the string tied onto the end of a helium balloon, they will prevent Sagittarius from floating up into the stratosphere. Libra’s cool sense of reason can keep Sag from going off the deep end. But Libra will not simply play the role of therapist and life coach—after all, they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, affection, romance, and sensuality.

3. Aries

Aries and Sag are both fire signs, so look out for passion. But also look out for volatility. Combining fire with fire will either warm their hearts or burn down their house. This fiery combo makes things especially hot in the bedroom. Both signs are honest…perhaps too honest to always be tactful. Sag is more playful and Aries is more serious, and they need to find a way to balance those qualities rather than have them lead to conflict. They both tend to start projects but don’t finish them, and this can also translate to lifelong commitment. But if they manage to seal the deal and find a solid bond together, it will last from here to eternity.

4. Gemini

As opposite signs on the zodiac wheel, Sagittarius and Gemini’s relationship can be either harmonious or dissonant—sometimes both. Sagittarius can pull Gemini out of their shell and show them the world, while Gemini can lure Sag into an endlessly vast inner dreamland. Gemini occupies the third astrology house of learning, while Sagittarius is in the ninth house of learning. So when they start talking, they will never stop, pausing only occasionally to take a deep breath. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini can take Sagittarius’s most abstract concepts and put them into words. They are both mutable signs, which means that they can resolve almost any disagreement. They will find a way to negotiate and build a bridge even across the most gaping, terrifyingly vast canyon.

4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Sagittarius Soulmates

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