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This Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Definition Of True Love

ARIES: Effort

Aries craves passion and excitement in romance—the kind that’s everlasting. To them, love is defined by effort. Words don’t count much when it comes to Aries, neither do superficial things. What Aries cares about is how you show them your love. True love for them is following through on a commitment. It’s the little things that keep a relationship alive for them—receiving your full attention, planning dates, quality time, surprises, and constantly finding new and exciting ways to liven up your bond.

TAURUS: Stability

The definition of true love, according to a Taurus, is comfort, stability, and emotional security. They feel these things when their partner provides them with dedication and loyalty. Taurus needs to feel at ease. They need to trust that their heart is in the right hands. They need to know that the relationship has a goal: building a comfortable life together. Taurus needs a partner that puts them at ease being vulnerable. They need someone who is reliable and who won’t shatter the life they work so hard to construct.

GEMINI: A mental connection

Geminis don’t easily give their hearts away, but when they do it’s because they know this person could be their forever bestie. For them, true love means a deep mental connection, the willingness to always learn new things, and the ability to communicate openly and without fear. Gemini wants a person they don’t have to subdue themselves around. The relationship they’re looking for is one that will always be curious and stimulating.

CANCER: A nurturing bond

Cancer’s definition of true love is family. They’re looking for a nurturing, warm, and intimate bond. It’s important for them to feel safe and accepted in a relationship. This sensitive zodiac sign yearns to feel supported and taken care of. Cancer dreams about a lover who will always choose them over anyone and anything else. Cancer’s ideal partner is someone who will appreciate and recognize their labor of love and reciprocate it.

LEO: Grand romance

Leo is associated with the fifth house, which governs all matters of the heart. True love for this zodiac sign is defined by grand romance and devotion. This means grand gestures, effort, passion, loyalty, and plenty of reassurance. Leo longs to be absolutely spoiled in every sense. Displays of affection, surprise gifts, words of affirmation, and quality time are crucial for Leo to feel loved. This zodiac needs to feel desired. They want to know that they are your only sun.

VIRGO: True intimacy

Virgo may take a while to truly let their guard down, but there’s nothing this sign wants more in love than true intimacy. They want to be able to be their truest selves around the person they love—to express themselves without fear of judgment. For Virgo to feel an authentic emotional connection, they need someone who makes them feel comfortable exposing even those parts of themselves that they try to hide from everyone else. Virgo’s ideal partner is someone who will understand their desires and emotional needs.

LIBRA: All-encompassing peace

This sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love—they deeply cherish relationships. As someone who strives for harmony and balance in all things, true love for Libra means an all-encompassing peace. To achieve this, Libra needs emotional security, trust, and a supportive partner who honors their wants and needs. Libra longs for a kind of love in which they feel deeply connected to their partner—a love with a flame that never dies out. The kind of love Libra desires is one where they feel at home.

SCORPIO: Passion

Scorpio longs for someone who will match their emotional depth and make them feel accepted—someone who won’t make them feel like they’re “too much.” True love for Scorpio is an intense connection that transcends the emotional, physical, and mental realms. It’s passion. They desire to be in sync with their partner. This sign dreams of someone who will turn love into a spiritual experience. Scorpio has to connect—sexually, mentally, and through the psyche. They have to feel desired and needed. They need to know that they’re the one thing you absolutely cannot live without.

SAGITTARIUS: Adventure and novelty

Sagittarius is fiercely independent. They’re not looking to be someone’s other half. This sign believes a person cannot and should not complete another. Instead, they want a relationship in which each other’s presence enhances each other’s lives. For them, an emotional connection must encourage growth. True love for Sag means adventure and novelty. Their dream partner is someone they can travel, explore, learn, and share new experiences with—someone who will also be supportive of their need to go at it alone.

CAPRICORN: Serious commitment

Capricorn views relationships as an investment. For them, true love is defined by serious commitment, equal partnership, and mutual respect. This sign is looking for someone responsible and reliable who makes them feel safe enough to build a life together. Love for them means home, affection, and stability. Love means growing into better versions of yourselves individually to come together and create something strong. Love means making new traditions together. Love means dedication to the future.

AQUARIUS: Companionship and understanding

Aquarius wants their partner to also be their best friend. They dream of being understood and accepted for all the eccentricities of their personality. Their ideal partner is someone who inspires originality, who provides them intellectual stimulation, and who they can get lost in deep conversation with. Aquarius wants to fall in love with someone as curious as them about the mysteries of the universe. They want a sounding board and a confidant. True love for them is understanding and companionship. Aquarius longs for someone equally as independent to share a visionary connection with.

PISCES: A merging of souls, minds, and bodies

Pisces is a dreamer and they have grand fantasies of love. They fantasize about someone coming into their life, sweeping them off their feet, and making them realize why it never worked out with anyone else. This zodiac believes in the fairytale—in finding the one who makes them feel like they are where they belong. True love for Pisces is a merging of souls, minds, and bodies—a deep spiritual connection. Their dream lover is someone who inspires them, encourages them to voice their wants and needs, dotes on them, and makes them feel safe.

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