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How To Become Friends With Each Zodiac


Aries are bold and want you to be bold with them. They have a deep passion for life and the fiery drive to accomplish anything they set their minds to. If you want to start a friendship with Aries, it’s best to go along for the ride. They are always up for an adventure. Travel to a favorite local hotspot or go somewhere brand new. Aries will surely gain a new friend if you can keep up with their stamina.


Grounded Taurus loves anything that brings them pleasure and comfort. If you want to be friends with a Taurus, meet them where they are. It can take time for a Taurus to let you in, especially because they crave safety and security in all relationships. Be honest with them and participate in activities that Taurus enjoys. Once you become a Taurus’s friend, they will be in it for the long haul.


Geminis can be complex zodiacs. They enjoy learning about new topics and exploring them in depth. They are also great communicators with a witty sense of humor. To become friends with a Gemini, you can start a deep conversation with them or bring up a juicy topic. They tend to like more enriching topics rather than surface-level ones. Also, maintain momentum when building a friendship with them, as they tend to keep their options open.


Cancers can come off as quiet and introspective, but they enjoy social activities. Cancers bring snacks to the gathering and make sure everyone is happy. Cancers will go out of their way to care for you, especially if you’re going through a tough time. If you’d like to gain a friendship with Cancer, you can start by letting them in on your life. Cancers want to know people deeply and emotionally. Once you open your heart to Cancer, you will not regret the love and friendship they give you in return.


Leos are outgoing, confident, and proud. They always want to do their best and chase their aspirations with strength and determination. To gain a friendship with a Leo, you should do things that keep the dynamic fresh and fun. Leo wants to shine in the spotlight and would love for their friends to do the same alongside them. Once you gain a friendship with Leo, they will stick up for you. They are fiercely protective of those they care about, so you can be sure that Leo will have your back.


Unwavering Virgos work hard to achieve what they set their minds to. As friends, they can be kind, humble, and reliable. To gain a friendship with Virgo, you should be patient with them, as they may take time to warm up to you. They tend to be selective with who they let into their lives. Strike up conversations with them about what they’re working on and gradually traverse deeper territories. Once Virgo is in your life, you’ll have a trustworthy and loyal friend.


Libras are creative, compassionate, and morally driven. Libras enjoy living in harmony and appreciate the beauty in their surroundings. They also love to have a good time and want others to do the same. To start a friendship with a Libra, try bonding over art, beauty, and nature. Libras enjoy connecting with people and taking care of those they love. You can gain favor with Libra by ensuring they feel comfortable and letting them know you appreciate all they do. Though they will rarely tell you, they love the appreciation.


Scorpios can be elusive zodiacs, making them a little more challenging to become friends with. Once you get to know them, they are intuitive, sensual, and bold. If you’d like a friendship with a Scorpio, it’s best to be upfront and honest with them. They don’t appreciate guessing games or trivial conversation. Scorpios want to go deep and know the good, the bad, and the ugly about you. If you are willing to open up to a Scorpio, you will gain their trust — and a beautiful friendship in return.


Sagittarius is the fun friend. They are always up for a new adventure and believe in living life to the fullest. They will keep you laughing with their upbeat attitude. If you want to start a friendship with a Sagittarius, be adventurous. It helps if you’re willing to go along with their spontaneity and carefree energy. Laugh along with them, and go along for the ride. You will never be bored when you’re friends with a Sagittarius.


Capricorn is grounded, level-headed, and knows what they want out of life. Capricorns tend to be highly ambitious, and they might struggle to find the appropriate work/life balance. However, they desire strong friendships, especially with people who are consistent and loyal. To start a friendship with a Capricorn, acknowledge all the hard work they do. You can talk to them about what they’re working on, and chances are they will open up in no time. If you are willing to be a consistent friend to Capricorn, you will have a friendship that inspires you.


Aquarians are cerebral zodiacs. They love to learn, study, and engage their minds. They also feel a need to help the community around them and partake in bettering the world. To be friends with an Aquarius, you can engage in intellectual conversation. Find an interesting topic and get talking. You can even get involved in a new project together, especially if it helps others. Aquarius might come off as reclusive, but they value their friendships.


Pisces is the sweet, empathetic, and spiritually-connected zodiac. They are highly in tune with people’s emotions. They also desire to make the world a better place and want their friends to be open-minded. To start a friendship with Pisces, you must be willing to share your heart with them. They desire emotional connection and security in friendships. If you take the time to be vulnerable with them, you will develop a loving friendship that will teach you to dream big.

How To Become Friends With Each Zodiac

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