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Which Zodiac Sign Cooks The Best?

Dutch oven, casserole,and wok. No kitchen utensil can resist them.

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They are real blue cords and this, thanks to astrology. Here are the most gifted zodiac signs to concoct small dishes.

Food soothes the soul. Astrology helps us better understand its nuances. For this article, we have therefore decided to concoct a stew by mixing these two arts. How? By offering you to draw up our little Michelin guide in the version of the astrological sign. Who will be elected best chef of the zodiac? Who will win the golden hat? Notice the greediest signs: we advise you to surround yourself with the shocked trio that will follow to delight you with tasty little dishes. Yes, while astrology can help you determine what to eat for Valentine’s Day, it can also reveal some potential. So here is our remastered “Top Ciel” (we promise, we’ll stop with the puns) which could well sow discord at the next family meal.

This Zodiac Sign Uses Cooking As Proof Of Love

“And don’t forget to add a little touch of love. This is what almost all Cancerians tell you when they share their secret recipe with you. The first sign of Water may cry all the time, but sometimes he takes breaks away from the tissues to find himself behind the stove. It’s a bit like his way of being forgiven by those around him for his little mood swings or rather of comforting himself. For him, taking care of others by spending beautiful days cooking an osso buco, lasagna or a beef bourguignon is a bit like saying “I love you” to his loved ones. He puts all his love, all his devotion, all his heart into it. For what? Considered the “mom of the zodiac”, Cancer is one of those who consider that a meal must be shared if we want to ensure its success. When he cooks, he always overdoes it. “Yes, it’s better to have ten than two, you never know what can happen…” His dearest dream: to see his whole little family sit down every Sunday lunchtime around his famous roast chicken. A simple way to feel surrounded, and cherished, but above all a way to bond. With him, we eat greedily while honoring our ancestors. His favorite dish? Grandma’s Roast. Her favorite place on earth? Auntie’s dining room. Love rhymes with gluttony. With him, the two go hand in hand and are even rather inseparable.

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This Astrological Sign Is The King Of Local Cuisine

Read in an Astro mail: “I am Taurus and I only think about eating” . What the story doesn’t tell is that Taurus loves to pre

pare everything on their plate. Yes, his favorite planet Venus endowed him with the love of good food. He is certainly the most sensual sign of the zodiac, but he is also and above all the most greedy of all. For him, nothing beats an aperitif break where plates of charcuterie unearthed from the local butcher and regional cheese platters are placed side by side. As a good sign of Earth, the cosmic ox appreciates the diversity and richness of nature. It is therefore essential to treat each ingredient with respect and love. Having their hand on their heart for the people who are dear to them, Taurus is therefore one of those cooks who are generous. Butter, cream, vinaigrette sauce. This bon vivant does not overlook any detail. He likes to indulge himself by offering all kinds of small dishes concocted with love. The more generous and greedy it is, the better. It even seems that for them, “food soothes the soul and cures heartache”.

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This Astrological Sign Is The King Of Refined Salads And Pastries

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We grant you, the combination may seem strange. However, if the Virgin is also a good cook, it is above all because she attaches importance to her health. For the beauty, who has a slight tendency to be hypochondriac, her body is a temple. It is therefore out of the question to make dietary differences. She her plate, she watches it closely. Queen of compotes, vegetable juliennes, and summer tians, the Virgin loves to prepare delicious healthy, and balanced dishes. She could write entire cookbooks using “50 Shades of Greenery” as she knows how to delicately combine the different varieties of salad. But, because there is a wise Virgo and a foolish Virgo, the second earth sign is also a perfect sweet tooth. Meticulous, picky, and often a control freak, she perfectly masters the dosages and grammages of pastry. Moreover, his patience helps him perfect the most refined entremets. Unlike Bree Van De Kamp, she will have no problem adding angel hair made from sugar to a cake topper. But his favorite style of cooking is still everything related to Ayurveda. Yes, she is like the Virgin: always ready to nourish her soul, her spirit, and her heart.

Which Zodiac Sign Cooks The Best?


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