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Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Enduring?

“We don’t give up” is his mantra, and “There is no fatigue whatsoever” is his battle cry.

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Against winds, tides, and showers, this astrological sign is the most persevering of all.

In the zodiac, there are the astrological signs who move on very quickly when the difficulty becomes too high (hello Gemini ) or those who prefer to launch projects rather than concretize them (we see you, Aries ). On the other hand, in the stars, there is a sign that refuses to give up on the slightest pretext and that will want to go through with this “Happy Birthday” banner that began with letters that were obviously too big. No matter the cost. Giving up is just not in his DNA and he prefers to fail having given his all. Of course, this astrological sign will go to the end of this article without stopping.

This Sign Shows Tenacity And Constancy.

To tell the truth, it is written in his cosmic CV and, in particular, in his element. While the air quivers with impatience for future ideas, Water specializes in the past and Fire burns with the passion of beginnings, the Earth element represents the present and its need to build. Among the three Earth signs, however, there is one that is more resilient and stubborn than its comrades: Taurus. Yes, you read correctly. Anyone who passes easily through the astrological memes of social networks for a first-class lazy person is in fact quite the opposite. They are readily said to be slow and patient, which in truth makes Taurus a great persevered.

Of an even and composed temperament, the sign has a long-term vision of things: whatever it costs and whatever time it takes him, he will go after what he has started. The bovine in the sky is like the animal that represents it: faced with obstacles, it tucks its shoulders in and continues to move forward, its hooves firmly anchored in the ground. It takes a lot (really a lot) for a Taurus to let go. Which is admirable, but does not only have advantages.

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A Quality That Can Also Be A Defect

From persevering to persisting, there is sometimes only one step. This is why, in astrology, it is believed that Taurus is also the most stubborn.of all. The image of the animal which charges, ball in the head (and head in horns) without changing its trajectory, whatever the obstacle, is never far away. Just like Aries, the cosmic ox enjoys a somewhat raw reputation as a nag, even a heavyweight. Because going for it, head down, without ever raising it, can prevent you from seeing potential trials that you could completely circumvent to get to your destination. Also, Taurus actually has trouble rectifying their trajectory, changing their minds, admitting that they are deceived, and more generally: getting out of their stubbornness. For fear of change, for love of habit, Taurus can cling for years to relationships that do not make them happy or to ideas that no longer mean anything to them.

Fortunately, in astrology, you are not only your sun sign (or astrological sign) but a slew of cosmic information called a star chart or astral theme. Thanks to the calculation of the latter, you will be able to learn that you are certainly Taurus, but perhaps endowed with an Aquarius ascendant or a Venus in Gemini capable of tempering your stubborn side. Yes, astrology is above all nuances.

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