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Horoscope 2023: These Signs That Will Change Jobs

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The year 2023 brings its share of professional surprises! Many opportunities await the signs of the Zodiac. Are you one of the lucky ones? We reveal to you the career and work changes planned according to the stars!

Want to change jobs? This new year will perhaps announce some upheavals on the professional level! Indeed, the year 2023, according to numerology, Chinese astrology and Western astrology will be full of changes for our astrological signs ! New contract, trip abroad, advantageous bonus… What are the professional developments for your sign? Come and discover the lucky elected officials of the office!

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Gemini: a real tornado!

The energetic Gemini will enjoy the influence of Jupiter and Saturn. The two planets make him a real fighter, it’s hard to stop him! The son of Mercury is full of ambition and intends to climb the ladder in his sector of activity. Despite some obstacles from Saturn, the year 2023 will be a series of evolutions towards success! A success that Mars will take care of perpetuating.

Our astro-advice: Gemini friends, be careful not to let yourself be overwhelmed by impatience. Your success will not be dazzling, but gradual. The advice of your collaborators will also be a great help!

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Aries: a true conqueror!

It’s no secret that the determined Aries will be one of the big favorites of 2023! The son of Mars is galvanized by the protection of his mother planet, but also by the support of Jupiter and Pluto. The 3 planets offer him unparalleled insurance and increase his performance tenfold. Despite some difficulties at the beginning of the year, the planets remove all obstacles to allow him to reach consecration in the second part of the year!

Our astro-advice: Aries friends, the months of October and November 2023 could prove to be particularly advantageous. Victory has never been so close!

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Taurus: a rise in power!

Saturn carries energetic Taurus throughout this new year! Yes, the son of Venus is determined to win and collect the laurels he deserves. The year will be dense and a busy period is to be expected until the end of summer. Jupiter will evolve Taurus throughout this year and the successes will gradually multiply. The efforts will be greatly rewarded, our Earth sign will reach the top at the end of the year!

Our astro-advice: Taurus friends, you are at a turning point in your career!

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