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How Men Flirt When Drunk, According To Their Zodiac Sign

Alcohol can significantly affect our behavior and inhibitions, including how we flirt.

For some, it loosens the tongue and can make them more outgoing, while for others it can bring awkwardness or exaggerated gestures.

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Here’s how men flirt when they’re drunk:


When Aries is drunk, its characteristic courage is amplified.

He becomes more direct in his approach, making bold moves and expressing his attraction with confidence.

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Taurus becomes more sensual and affectionate when intoxicated.

He will pounce on the person he is interested in with numerous compliments, physical touches, and romantic gestures.

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Gemini’s conquering side is amplified when they are drunk.

They become more talkative, engage in playful banter, and use their wit and humor to engage and entertain others.

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When under the influence of alcoholic beverages, Cancer becomes more emotionally open and caring.

He can express his feelings with greater ease, making the person in front of him feel comfortable around him.

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The natural flair of the dramatic, attention-seeking Leo is heightened when drunk.

He craves attention and can use grand gestures, storytelling, and charisma to grab the spotlight.

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Virgo tends to analyze everything and be helpful and practical even when drunk.

The man of this sign can use his analytical skills to offer help to the person he wants to conquer by paying attention to her needs.

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Libras become even more charming and flirty when they are drunk.

They exude elegance, seek balance in their interactions and make romantic gestures to captivate others.

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The passion and mystery of Scorpio is enhanced when under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

He can use his drunken state as an opportunity to explore deeper relationships and express his passion.

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When Sagittarius is drunk, their adventurous side takes over.

He becomes more spontaneous, suggesting impromptu outings and thrilling experiences to attract the opposite sex.

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Ambitious and goal-oriented Capricorns tend to maintain their focus on goals and accomplishments even when intoxicated.

They may use flirting as a means of networking or furthering their personal or professional aspirations.

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Aquarius becomes even more thirsty for knowledge and weirder than they already are when under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

He engages in deep and intellectual conversations, shares unique insights, and reveals just how eccentric he is.

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When Pisces is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, their dreamy and romantic nature is enhanced.

They can express their emotions through poetic words, sincere gestures and a heightened sense of compassion.

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