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Astro: which dog to choose for your zodiac sign?

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And if you choose your dog according to your astrological sign? With this method, you are sure to find the ideal companion! We tell you everything.

It is sometimes difficult to choose a new four-legged friend: between the different breeds, the characters, the needs of each dog… It’s complicated! Have you ever thought about choosing a dog according to your astrological sign? Here is a good idea to help you make your choice more easily! Thanks to this astral compatibility, you are sure to find the ideal dog.

Which dog to adopt according to your astro sign?

Which dog for an Aries? The Schnauzer is ideal ! Protective, calm and a follower of adventures, this one goes perfectly with the intelligent, go-getter and spontaneous character of Aries.

Taurus can choose an Australian Shepherd : this dog corresponds perfectly to the loyal, active character, and in search of constant affection of Taurus. The winning combo!

Which dog to choose for a Gemini? The Golden Retriever is the ideal dog for Gemini, thanks to its gentle, attentive and very playful character.

Cancer is constantly looking for affection: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is perfect, because this breed is very fond of hugs and marks of attention.

Which dog to choose for an indomitable Lion? The German Shepherd, without hesitation ! Independent, protective, and attached to its territory, this dog is perfect to combine with the very similar character of the Leo.

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The Virgo person needs an obedient, protective and playful dog like the Rottweiler . These two have no trouble getting along on a day-to-day basis, as they both love order and affection.

The English setter is a dog that perfectly suits the astrological sign of Libra: it is a very gentle, affectionate and balanced companion, just like its master!

What dog for a Scorpio ? The malinois , without hesitation! Protective, impressive, and yet very gentle in intimacy, this is a dog that will be able to protect its master on a daily basis.

The Australian Shepherd is a perfect dog for Sagittarius: adventurous, hyperactive, demonstrative, these two will get along wonderfully!

Capricorn needs a dog that is independent and with a strong personality: the Shiba Inu is the ideal choice!

Wondering which dog to choose for an Aquarius? The husky is the perfect dog: independent, very loyal and protective, like Aquarius!

The Pisces needs an adorable, sweet, kind and sensitive dog, just like him! The Bernese mountain dog is then the ideal choice.

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Does astrology work on animals?

Just like us humans, animals are influenced by their astrological sign : our little life companions also have a small character depending on their sign.

What is my dog’s astrological sign?

The astrological sign of a dog works like that of humans: you just need to know the position of the sun on the day of its birth, in order to find its sun sign, and to learn more about its character.

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