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4 Zodiacs Who Never (Publicly) Complain About Their Partner

Some zodiacs are going to tell the world about their relationship problems, whether that means posting about them online or chatting about them with strangers at the supermarket.

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But other zodiacs are much more private about their love lives. They aren’t going to air their problems in public. Here are a few zodiacs who would never publicly complain about their person:


Taurus is private. They feel like it’s disrespectful to talk about their person in a negative light, no matter how angry they might be at the time. This sign isn’t going to publicly complain about their person because they would rather deal with their problems one-on-one. They would instead take the mature route because, if the roles were reversed, they would never forgive their partner for publicly complaining about them. If a Taurus has a relationship problem, you’ll never know about it (unless they break up) because they believe it’s none of your business. Even though they might trust you and value your opinion, they value their relationship more, so they aren’t going to say a negative word about their favorite person.

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Libras see the good in everyone they meet, so they aren’t going to spread rumors around — especially about their favorite person. They will only have positive things to say about their partner. Otherwise, why would they be with this person? Any complaints that they have aren’t worth sharing with others because they are too small to change their feelings about this person. A Libra would never be in a relationship built on lies, deception, or disrespect, so they are careful about the way they speak about their person. And they expect their person to give them the same level of respect and never say a bad word about them.

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Even though Scorpios are known for being vindictive, they will only have nasty things to say after a breakup. If they’re still with this person, then they must believe whatever problem they’re going through is capable of being fixed. And if it can be fixed, they would rather have a conversation with their person about it than complain about it to family and friends who have nothing to do with the situation. When a Scorpio is upset with their person, their person will be the first one to know about it. They aren’t going to hide their feelings. They aren’t going to pretend everything is fine. They will talk about the issue and they will fix the issue.


Capricorns keep most of their feelings to themselves. They like to examine and understand their emotions before speaking about them aloud. But when they do, they will go directly to their person instead of talking about them behind their back. Capricorns are mindful of their words because they know how much power they hold. That’s why they never say things out of anger, without thinking through the consequences. They are deliberate with everything that comes out of their mouth, so if they love their person and are being treated well by their person overall, they won’t utter words that they can never take back.

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