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This Is Every Zodiac’s Horoscope For The Week Of June 11-17

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As Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th, you’ll find more inspiration in the world around you. This week, Mercury heightens your creativity—you’re developing new, artistic skills and engaging with the natural world. Your ability to make others feel at ease will receive a cosmic boost; if you’ve been struggling with your love life or drifting apart from an old friend, now’s the time to communicate! As Saturn enters retrograde on the 17th, your love life will kick into high gear. Practice new flirting techniques and be prepared to communicate with your partner—you’ll need it on the 18th!

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If you’ve been feeling more drawn to domestic activities this week, there’s a reason! Venus entered Leo on the 5th, and you’ll feel protective of your home life until the end of the month. Use this time to focus on your family—just don’t smother them with too much attention! On the 17th, Saturn enters retrograde. Saturn is the disciplinarian of the zodiac sign and loves rules. With the planet in retrograde, it encourages others to break the rules—including the ever-reliable Taurus! This week, it’s time to let loose—go to a party with friends or go on a spontaneous adventure.

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Geminis, June is your month! Your outlook is especially auspicious this week: as Mercury enters your sign on the 11th, you’ll feel energized and ready to accomplish your goals. Throughout the week, you’ll be motivated to make changes in your personal life. When Saturn finally hits retrograde on the 17th, your need to advance in your personal and professional life will multiply tenfold. If you’re looking to network or apply for a better job, now’s the time!

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As Mercury enters Capricorn on the 11th, communication will flow between you and your partner. You must address any problems in your relationship before the 17th when Saturn begins its retrograde journey. If you’re having trouble communicating with your loved ones, a handwritten letter will help you express your needs.

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June is all about venturing outside of your comfort zone. This week, try new activities and broaden your horizons. You’re the life of the party on the 17th, when the new moon enters Gemini. Your social circle will expand this week; be sure to follow through on any new connections you make!

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Virgos will struggle with boundaries this month. Friends, family, and coworkers alike will take advantage of your people-pleasing tendencies. Luckily, you’ll have the chance to reassert boundaries once Mercury enters Gemini on the 11th. Be firm and openly communicate your needs with those around you; you’ll avoid burnout at the end of the month. Saturn enters retrograde on the 17th, and you’re ready to relax. Take some time off and party with friends this weekend before returning to work on the 19th.

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This week, you’ll need to set some professional boundaries. Keep your eyes peeled for the strange and unusual: these coincidences may hold supernatural meaning. On the 17th, be sure to set goals for the future—they’ll define the next six months.

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This week, reevaluate your work-life balance. Consider renegotiating your salary or changing your hours if you’re spending too much time at work. The 17th is all about transformation: this lunar event is all about reshaping commitments and achieving long-lost dreams. Remember that it’s okay for priorities to shift, especially when life shows you a new path forward.

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On Sunday, June 11th, Pluto dips into your 2nd House of Possessions and asks you to reexamine how your work life affects your mental health. Sagittarians are ambitious, but this month, make sure to give your personal life the same degree of attention. When retrograde hits on the 17th, be sure to get some well-deserved R&R—you’ll need it for the latter half of the month.

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This month, Capricorns are plagued with relationship problems. Arguments are rife and well-meaning statements are misinterpreted. Fortunately, Mercury’s entrance into Gemini on the 11th will help you solve relationship problems. Take it easy as the summer approaches—on the 17th, retrograde will encourage you to relax.

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Aquarians are in high demand this week! As the 11th approaches, friends and acquaintances will be drawn to your natural charisma. You’ll be the life of the party; make sure to branch out and make new connections this week, because it will pay off later in the month. When Saturn enters retrograde on the 17th, it will have dizzying effects, especially if you’re caught up in a new romance.

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Gemini season allows you to process difficult emotions; this week, the universe will arm you with the tools to work through unhealthy behaviors. When Saturn goes into retrograde on the 17th, you’ll encounter difficulties in your personal life—you’ll drift apart from your friends and loved ones. Keep an eye out: you’ll have plenty of opportunities to reconnect later in the month.

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