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5 Signs That Attract Unsuitable Partners In Their Lives

Have you ever only had toxic relationships that left you drained?

If so, you may be one of the signs that attract the wrong people into their lives!

Everyone has their own luck when it comes to love. Some are truly blessed, while others attract the wrong people into their lives like a magnet. This happens mostly because of our own insecurities and unhealed wounds.

Here are 5 zodiac signs that attract the wrong partners into their lives


Scorpios are known for their innate intensity and passion, which can create interesting and unpredictable relationships.

However, they can also be prone to jealousy, possessiveness, and obsession with control, which can create a toxic dynamic in relationships.

Indeed, they are never bored in relationships, but at some point, both partners suffer.


Pisces are deep and have great emotional sensitivity, which can make them very empathetic and caring partners.

But they can also be prone to codependency and tend to sacrifice their own needs and boundaries for the sake of their partner, especially attracting narcissistic partners.


Geminis are charming and intelligent, which can make them intriguing and challenging partners.

The flip side of the coin is that they like to play with their partner’s mind too much, subjecting them to all kinds of psychological tests.

They usually attract equally toxic people who turn the relationship into a battleground of exhaustion.


This zodiac sign is looking for a partner who will validate their feelings. He wants to feel safe and wants someone to give him the stability he can’t get on his own.

When we look for something in someone else that we don’t think we are, the relationship becomes toxic.

A Capricorn does not want an equal partner, but someone who… completes him, because he is afraid of loneliness.

But that means they often attract toxic people whose whims they have to cater to, even if they don’t align with their values.


Sagittarians are friendly and attract all kinds of people, sometimes the wrong ones.

They want to feel that they are truly loved and that their partner would do anything for them, but the gestures that the other is capable of are often toxic.

Sagittarians stay in harmful relationships for a long time if they are constantly receiving dopamine rushes.

On the other hand, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius are much more careful signs when it comes to relationships.

They have no problem saying goodbye if you don’t treat them the way they want.


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