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Why Each Zodiac Should Be Careful This Gemini Season (May 21 – June 20)


Be careful because you’re going to feel extra impulsive this season. You need to think through the consequences of your actions instead of jumping to conclusions and making decisions on a whim. Otherwise, you could end up in a mess that you could have completely avoided if you would have stayed patient and thought through your options.


Be careful because the gossip you share could get you in trouble this season. You don’t want to talk about others behind their back, unless you’re comfortable with that information coming back around to them. The stories you share might not even be true, so make sure you at least confirm them before believing everything that you hear.


Be careful because your flirtatiousness could lead to drama this season. You’re naturally a friendly person, so it’s easy for others to misinterpret your signals. It’s not your fault if they accidentally take your words the wrong way, but don’t string them along on purpose. Don’t use their feelings to boost your own ego (not that you ever would).


Be careful because your nosiness could get you in trouble this season. Remember, other people’s problems aren’t your responsibility to solve. If they aren’t comfortable sharing with you, or tell you that they don’t need your help, accept it. Don’t push. Let them fight their own battles.


Be careful because you’re going to feel extra restless this season. You’re going to be itching to travel and try new things. You don’t have to resist that urge, but make sure you aren’t forgetting about your responsibilities in the process. Make sure you’re still getting whatever needs to get done. Then go out and have a blast.


Be careful because you’re going to feel extra chatty this season, and it could rub others the wrong way. You don’t want to dominate all your conversations. Just make sure you pay attention and listen to what they have to say too. Be a good communicator and a good listener.


Be careful because changing your mind too many times could hurt the people around you. You don’t want to make and break promises, so before you commit to a decision, ask yourself if it’s what you really want to do and if you really have the time for it.


Be careful because your fearless nature could backfire on you. It’s great that you’re up for anything, but you still need to care about your mental and physical health. Don’t mistake carelessness for bravery. It’s still important to think through what you’re doing before you do it.


Be careful because you’re going to feel extra playful and laidback this month. Overall, that’s a good thing, but you need to treat serious matters seriously. Don’t make jokes when another person is telling you something that’s hard for them or their trust in you might fade.


Be careful because your bluntness could come across too harsh this season. It’s possible to tell the truth in a gentle way. To be authentic and sweet at the same time. Think through how you’re presenting your thoughts and opinions because it could make all the difference.


Be careful because your indecisiveness could cause you to lose out on opportunities. You don’t want to take too long to figure out what you want. Give yourself enough time to think things through, but don’t procrastinate.


Be careful because your inconsistency could push people away. Normally, you’re thoughtful and punctual, but this season you’re going to have more trouble sticking to deadlines and promises. Just be careful about how much you put on your plate at once so you’re not rushing to do everything you said you’d do.

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