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Three Indicators They Always Think They Are Right

Believing in your convictions is admirable, but we all have friends who veer into that “I know it all” territory.

So why do some of us think they are always right, while others are open to hearing everyone’s opinion? Astrology can give us an answer. Below you will find the zodiac signs that will never give up their opinions.

1. Virgo

Ok, let’s face it: Virgos are brilliant. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and information exchange, these earth signs dazzle us with their intriguing information and quick wit. And while they can be dream guests at a party when it comes to stimulating conversation, Virgos’ careful observations can go a little too far. Directions like “If you added vinegar to that water, your flowers wouldn’t die so quickly” or “Ah, let me show you a better way to cut those peppers” are Virgo’s way of showing she cares … and that he is always right. The agile-minded Virgo can’t help but imagine every scenario of the evening, from delightful to disastrous. While someone else might calmly watch you cook, Virgo sees a potential accident in the way you hold the knife or has an idea about how to add a little lemon to the stew. So, yes, Virgo thinks that the path she chose is the best… but since she’s probably run through 40 other possible scenarios in her mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s right.

2. Leo

For the proud Leos of astrology, the only thing worse than being wrong is admitting you’re wrong. These fire signs infuse passion and power into every area of ​​their lives, whether they’re running through the park and trying to get the best time, singing at the top of their lungs in the car, or engaging in heated political conflict on Twitter. Leos like to have fun; demonstrating their talent, they prove to themselves that they are the best. Being one of the four fixed signs in astrology, Leos are direct and serious in their beliefs. These loyal signs support their friends, family… and their own opinions. They know which is the best movie in history and they will give a 20-minute speech to convince you that they are right.

Being seen, heard, and understood brings Leo deep fulfillment. As well as the validation of being right. Leo wants to be the most impressive person in the room, but sometimes he forgets to listen to others.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians understand good and evil from an ethical perspective. As air signs, they are deep thinkers who question the beliefs and practices that others instinctively follow. There is always a “why” when talking to an intelligent Aquarius. “Why are some animals pets and others dinner?” “Why does society value science more than art?” As the inventors and iconoclasts of the zodiac, Aquarians want to see a change in their world. For these visionaries, anyone who doesn’t share their innovative views probably doesn’t know anything about the world. But, by rejecting those who do not agree with them, Aquarians lose opportunities to understand others. Armed with a strong moral code and a sense of responsibility to defend the vulnerable, these fixed signs think you are either for progress or against it. There is no time to waste shrugging or standing in the middle.

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