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What Each Sign Should Stop Feeling Guilty About In Relationships


Stop feeling guilty about bringing up your complaints. It’s better for you to get your thoughts out in the open than to pretend everything is fine. And once you admit what’s wrong, you can work toward fixing it together.


Stop feeling guilty about getting emotional. The right person isn’t going to get uncomfortable when you cry. They will want to know how you’re really feeling. They will feel honored that you trusted them enough to open up to them.

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Stop feeling guilty about the pace you’re moving because you’re allowed to take as much time as you need. The right person won’t rush you.


Stop feeling guilty about having high expectations because you should never settle. The right person will be happy to meet your standards. They will want to give you everything that you deserve.


Stop feeling guilty about ‘being clingy’ because the right person is going to be happy to hear from you. They’ll want to spend plenty of time with you. They’ll be attached to you too.


Stop feeling guilty about your baggage. The right person won’t judge you over what you’ve been through as long as you’re trying to be the best partner you can be. As long as you’re dedicated to growing and healing.


Stop feeling guilty about disagreeing with your partner because you don’t have to have all the same thoughts and opinions, and you don’t want to lie or play pretend in order to keep the peace. It’s better, to be honest.

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Stop feeling guilty about wanting more of your partner’s time because the right person will set aside a room in their schedule for you. They will make sure you never feel neglected and lonely.


Stop feeling guilty about saying no because you don’t owe your partner anything. If something makes you uncomfortable, or you’re simply not in the mood to do it, then don’t do it. The right person will understand.


Stop feeling guilty about going out with your friends because you’re allowed to have fun without your partner. You’re allowed to have your own lives.


Stop feeling guilty about prioritizing yourself because your needs matter too. It’s not selfish to do what makes you happiest instead of always catering to what your partner wants.


Stop feeling guilty about giving your partner space because it’s not healthy to be together every moment of the day anyway. You’ll have a chance to miss each other if you spend some time doing your own thing.

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