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4 Zodiacs Who Won’t Fall For Guilt Tripping In Relationships

My twisty thriller, The Guilty Twin, follows two women in their twenties who are plagued with guilt over the lies they’ve told and the mistakes they’ve made.

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In honor of the release this summer, here are the zodiacs who will not tolerate guilt-tripping from their partners:


Aries aren’t going to feel bad about telling you no because they understand they are allowed to make their own decisions. They’re allowed to be their own person. Even if they care deeply about you, they aren’t centering their lives around you. They are going to maintain their independence. They are going to do what they want to do — and it’s impossible for you to make them feel bad about it. If you try, then they are going to call you out for being manipulative. This sign isn’t afraid to speak their mind, so if they feel like you are trying to guilt trip them in order to get your way, they will have something to say about it.

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Leos are leaders. They make their own decisions. You aren’t going to make them feel bad about doing what is best for themselves, so there’s no sense in trying. If you sit them down and tell them how you’re feeling, they will be happy to listen and try to come to a compromise — but if you are intentionally trying to make them feel guilty about chasing after their dreams or hanging out with their friends, then you aren’t going to get the reaction you were hoping to see. You’re most likely going to see this sign walking away because they want a relationship where they’re given the space to do what they want when they want.

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Capricorns think with their heads over their hearts, which means it’s hard to emotionally manipulate them. If you try to make them feel guilty over a certain situation, but they know that it logically makes no sense for you to be blaming them, then they are going to shrug off what you’re saying. They aren’t going to let you control the narrative and twist things around in order to make them feel guilty. This sign puts a ton of effort into relationships and always tries to be the best partner they can be — but they aren’t going to apologize for making decisions that make them the most comfortable, or bring them the most happiness. They aren’t going to let you control them, no matter how much they care about you.

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Scorpios are always on the lookout for red flags — and constantly guilt-tripping them into changing their minds is a big one. This sign isn’t going to tolerate disrespect. They expect you to give them the freedom to make their own decisions. After all, if you love each other and trust each other, then you shouldn’t feel the need to control each other. Scorpios want to be with someone who can take no for an answer. Someone who understands that the two of you won’t always be on the same page because you are two different people. They aren’t going to tolerate guilt-tripping because they want a healthy relationship. Not a manipulative one.

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