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3 Signs That Often Break Up Quickly Without Even Trying

Some zodiacs are going to fight tooth and nail to stay with their partner.

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They’ll compromise and have long, in-depth conversations to make the relationship work because they couldn’t dream of living without each other. Other zodiacs are a bit quicker to call it quits. Here are a few zodiacs who have a bad habit of ending relationships prematurely:


Aries are one of the most passionate, impulsive signs in the zodiac. They make spontaneous decisions, so they might end up getting into a relationship with someone too quickly, without thinking it through. Or they might break up with someone too quickly, without thinking it through. After all, Aries has a temper. When they get fired up, they might say things that they regret. They might decide to end a relationship that was making them happy – but even once they cool down and realize they were wrong, they’ll be too stubborn to admit their mistake. They’ll convince themselves that breaking up was for the best. Since their emotions are so extreme, it won’t be long until they find someone new to distract them. Someone who will make them forget that they might’ve walked away from a relationship that really could have worked out if they gave it a chance.

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Geminis aren’t confident in their own decision-making skills. They’re constantly questioning whether they made the right move in every area of their life, including relationships. Even though they might be fully convinced that someone is the love of their life one day, they might do a complete one-eighty the next day. If there’s a problem in the relationship, even a small one, then they are going to panic. They are going to start second-guessing their choices and wondering whether they made a mistake by committing to this person. Instead of voicing their fears and figuring out a solution, they are going to get nervous and end the relationship. This isn’t only to save themselves. It’s also to save the other person’s heartbreak. They don’t want to end up stringing someone along that they’re unsure about, only to make them grow more attached and hurt them worse in the long run. They think they’re doing the right thing by leaving so early.

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This sign will run at the first sign of trouble. They cannot stand confrontation, so instead of explaining all of the reasons why a relationship is not working and trying to come to a compromise in order to fix the problem, they are going to get scared and run away. They would rather make you feel good while walking out the door by lying about how it’s not you, it’s them than be honest with you about what’s been bothering them. They feel like it’s easier to leave while you’re both on relatively good terms with each other than get deeper into the relationship and end up breaking up once you hate each other’s guts. Besides, Libras are confident. They know that they’re going to find the right person for them. Losing one relationship isn’t the end of the world, so they don’t hesitate to walk away when it feels wrong.

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