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Why Your Exes Miss You, Based On Your Birth Order

Only Children

Your exes miss how stable and consistent you were. They never had to wonder where they stood with you because you were always brutally honest about your feelings. You were stable, well-balanced, and good at maintaining your emotions, even in the middle of fights because you always kept things respectful. Now that you’re gone, they miss the comfort and safety they felt with you. Throughout the ups and downs of the relationship, they knew they could trust you. They knew you weren’t playing mind games. They knew that you would follow through on every promise you made. And that consistency is hard to find.

Oldest Children

Your exes miss you because you were an overachiever. You were always putting one hundred percent of your effort into the relationship, even when your hard work wasn’t getting reciprocated. You’re not the type of person who gives up easily, which is something your exes might have taken for granted. Some people don’t realize how much you’re doing every single day because you make it all look effortless. But now that you’re gone, they’re going to miss the way you would always be there to support them and ease their burdens. They miss feeling like you were there to take care of them.

Middle Children

Your exes miss you because you were always the life of the party. You’re the type of person who can turn any activity entertaining. Even when you’re going grocery shopping or having a lazy day around the house, you find a way to make it fun. Your exes miss how hard they used to laugh with you, how you always managed to cheer them up after they had a rough day, how you magically knew the words to say to put them in a good mood again. You were their reminder to live in the moment and not take life so seriously, and without you, there’s a lot less laughter in their world.

Youngest Children

Your exes miss how confident and creative you were. You were always coming up with fun new ways to spend time together. No two dates with you felt exactly the same because you were spontaneous and adventurous. Your exes miss how you always kept them on their feet and surprised them. They never knew what to expect from you, so the relationship never felt boring. Now that you’re gone, they miss the excitement that dating you brought. They miss going on wild adventures with you and making memories that they’re never going to forget, no matter how much time passes.


Your exes miss how open and trusting you were. You never pushed them away when you were going through a hard time or made them guess what you were thinking. You were always transparent with them and delivered the honest truth. You also trusted them and made them feel like they could trust you too. Now that you’re gone, they miss how easy the relationship felt. They miss knowing that they had someone in their corner who would never lie to them or betray them. They miss feeling like they weren’t in this world alone.

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