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The Red Flag You Constantly Ignore, Based On Your Birth Order

Only Child

You constantly ignore when someone speaks poorly of their exes. For example, if someone you just started dating refers to their past partner as “crazy,” you may believe this means they are no longer emotionally tied to that person. How could you say that about someone you care about, right? However, this is not usually the case. Talking shit about past relationships shows that there may be more healing that still needs to be done. Saying a former partner is crazy may also indicate that they have not considered their own role in the breakup as well. Either way, insulting an ex shows is a red flag because it shows they have not moved on fully. Pay attention.

Oldest Child

You constantly ignore someone having unrealistic expectations. Having standards is one thing, but there is also a point where a partner wanting more and more and more from you, when you’re already doing more than necessary, is just unfair. While you are used to someone having big expectations, you need to be aware of your worth and know when your best is good enough. Staying in a partnership that demands too much of you will never end well and will always be toxic for you.

Middle Child

You constantly ignore when someone you’re dating is only giving you the bare minimum (or less). You have an endless array of excuses when someone you’re dating isn’t able give you what you need. You are willing to be forgiving whenever they fall short, and while being able to let things go is a good quality to have, you need to know when your ability to compromise is actually compromising your standards. You deserve to be loved fully, not partway. Be brave and ask for what you need, and be willing to move on if someone is unable to deliver.

Youngest Child

You constantly ignore inconsistency. You love the thrill of the chase. You want to earn someone’s love to feel worthy of it. This is problematic for several reasons but the biggest one is that it leads you to tolerate inconsistency and romanticize not being treated in the ways you deserve. You want someone who you can depend on, not someone who is rarely there when you need them to be.


You constantly ignore unmatched effort. You are willing to bend until you break for the people you love most. However, sometimes, this energy isn’t always given back your way. As a result, an unfair power dynamic is created. This happens a lot in your relationships in general, but particularly in your romantic partnerships. A relationship cannot survive on your effort and investment alone. It takes two to make something thrive, and you deserve to be given the love you are so willing to expend to others.

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