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What Each Zodiac Is Like In The Talking Stage

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When you are talking to someone, you can be quite attentive and passionate. However, you are very impatient too. You don’t want to take the relationship slowly — you are too restless for that. You want to put everything out in the open and know right away if this is worth it.

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You take a long time adjusting to a new romantic partner. You have to be 10000% sure that not only you can trust this person but that you even see a future with them. You are patient and have no problem taking your time talking and getting to know someone.

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You are a walking mixed signal. Do they even like me? People wonder. You love talking in general, but you get bored easily, so it’s hard to tell. You’re so flirty and also flighty and it’s hard to really tell if you’re into someone and want to continue talking to them.

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When it comes to love, you can be quite cautious. Moody, too. One moment you’ll be super romantic and sensual and caring, and the next, you’ll be distant and cold. You do this because you like the idea of love, but you’re just afraid of getting hurt again.

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When you’re talking to someone, you’ll make it known that you like them. However, you think you’re showing it when in reality, you’re being quite subtle. When you do it make it known, though, you’re all in. You’re loyal and only want to talk to them and only them, really.

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You’re not a big flirt or a super romantic person. You show that you’re interested in someone through subtle actions and words. You’re very observant, so you will remember small details about them, especially the things they tell you about them.

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You are a hopeless romantic, so when you’re in the talking stage, you get all giddy and full of butterflies. You love the thrill, the flirting, and the possibilities of it all. You also love romantic gestures and will only keep talking to someone as long as they’re wooing you.

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You don’t let anyone in easily, and not without testing them first. You can be quite manipulative and shady in that way. You want to be sure that the person you’re talking to is not only talking to you and only you but that they’re worth your time. Once you allow them in, then you’ll be quite flirty and sensual.

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You’re very independent and not one to settle down in a committed relationship easily. You like the talking stage because it’s a good way for you to have one foot in the door and one foot out. You can be quite the commitment-phobe! But when you do talk to someone frequently, you can be very flirty and fun!

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You’re not a super romantic person. You’re a realist. When it comes to relationships, you approach things with a lot of reservations. You want to be 100% sure about someone before you start opening up and being vulnerable. You won’t show your cards just yet and you’ll make sure you have the upper hand in the relationship.

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You crave a deep connection with your partner just as much as you want them to be unique and sometimes even challenging for you. Why? Because you’re learning new things and exploring a new person and you love that. That’s what the talking stage is all about.

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When you start talking to someone, you fall for them quickly. You talk to them all the time and talk about anything and everything, with listening ears and attentive eyes (and probably wearing rose-colored glasses). You’re lovestruck, completely enchanted by this person and you love every second of it.

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