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A Tarot Reader Explains The Energy You Need To Release In Preparation For This Week’s Pink Moon

This Friday, April 7th, 2023 is a gorgeous full moon.

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This transitional moon is called the Pink Moon, and it’s a great time to reevaluate what you’ve been doing. Look back on your last month. Did you hold onto energies that served you or ones that hold you back? Here are the energies you should let go of, based on the tarot cards. Just look for your zodiac sign below.


Your card: Page of Swords

You’re stubborn. You know this. We all know this. Despite that, you hate the idea of getting stuck in a rigid opinion. And yet, you’ve been doing that lately. There’s an idea you’ve been stubbornly holding on to and it’s time to let it go. Enter this new era brimming with curiosity and acceptance of fresh perspectives.

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Your card: 6 Swords

You get really comfortable in your environment and don’t usually see a point in deviating from your routine. But have you been noticing a feeling of being stifled lately? With this Pink Moon, let go of the pull to always stay at home doing the same thing over and over again. You need to start fresh by accepting change.

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Your card: Queen of Pentacles

While you’d like to believe that how you’ve been acting lately is just self-care, deep down you know you’ve been kind of a selfish ass–especially when it comes to money and your social life. Remember the people around you as you let go of at least some of that selfish energy for the Pink Moon.

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Your card: Queen of Swords

Let’s face it: You suck at boundaries. You’re out of your depth for both enforcing your own boundaries and following the rules of others. Lately, you’ve been struggling with keeping yourself in check, but it’s time to start listening to your gut and to the emotional desires of the people around you.

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Your card: Justice

You have a solid compass on right and wrong and can be super rigid when it comes to following it or judging people in your life who might stray from those ideas. Real life is complicated and a wonderful mixture of shades of gray. Do yourself and the people around you a service by not being so rigid.

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Your card: 8 of Wands

If something isn’t a part of the plan, you have a hard time going along with it. While you might say you’re good with change, it’s only if you’ve planned for it. Not all change can be added to your extensive to-do list, so keeping yourself open to spontaneity is a good idea. Let go of the idea that you always need to be in control.

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Your card: The Fool

You’re good at starting things, but are you good at seeing them through to the end? Maybe you should let go of some of the many projects you’ve started recently and just pick one to finish. You can always move on to the others after you work through the first.

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Your card: 10 Swords

Betrayal, loss, painful endings. These last few weeks have been tough. While it’s easier said than done, it’s time to try to shake off some of the grief and sadness that have been plaguing you lately. Don’t wallow in the dark times for too long. It might take a visit to a therapist, but it’ll be totally worth it.

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Your card: 6 of Cups

You’ve been caught up in nostalgia lately. Maybe you’re looking at your childhood and the fun memories you created then. Or you’re hoping to rekindle an old flame or relive a fun trip you took. Remember that you’re seeing a rosy revision of your past, forgetting all the ways it sucked. Go forward with your eyes firmly planted in the present and future.

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Your card: The Empress

No one is as hard on you as you are on yourself. Lately, you’ve been hyper-critical, holding yourself to impossible standards. With this Pink Moon let go of the chains you’re placing on yourself. We’re all just messy humans–even you. Nurture yourself like you nurture others.

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Your card: Ace of Pentacles

You have so much power, but none of the opportunities that come up will actually come to fruition if you don’t put in the energy to make them happen. You have to put in the work. Manifestation isn’t just about waiting for things to come to you. Let go of the idea that things will just work out.

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Your card: Strength

You know you need courage to actually make your dreams come true. You’re well aware, and yet you still are letting your fear hold you back. As the Pink Moon enters the night sky, let go of those fears that are telling you that something bad will happen if you go for it. Those terrible things rarely ever come to fruition. You’ve got this.

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